Shaved Man

It's not a very common problem within the world of makeup for men, but over the past few months, more and more men have been approaching us, asking how to pull off makeup products with a shaved head, whilst making it look as natural as possible.

Shaved, or very short hair highlights your skin’s natural tone.  With the whole essence of many makeup products for men based around enhancing your skin's tone and adding a hint of natural colour, there can often be some disconnect between your face’s enhanced colour and your head's, something leaving many men in a grooming conundrum.

Thankfully gentlemen, there are a few answers out there that can certainly help you maintain your natural appearance, without drawing unwanted attention to the meeting of your skin's natural tone and your makeup's.  With a little help from MMUK MAN in today’s men’s makeup blog, banish those confidence damaging skin complaints once and for all.

Firstly, instead of adopting a male foundation, which offers coverage by adding colour to your skin, choose a men's bb cream, as this type of product brightens the skin and illuminates it more subtly.  The brightening aspect of a men's BB cream will do a just as effective job at covering up skin problems and perfecting your complexion, without risking those dreaded tide marks.  This form of cosmetic product also offers great healing properties to the skin, meaning in the long run, you are even less reliant on the power of cover up.  We recommend Urban Soul’s BB Cream For Men for the best results in this aspect.

Next, if you did want to implement the likes of tined moisturiser and bronzer for men into your regime, fake tanning is an option that a lot of shorter haired gentlemen opt for.  By applying fake tan onto their shaven head, face and down their neck, an even colour is achieved with the natural bronzing element of such a range of product enjoyed at the same time.  From here, applying products over the top of fake tan will look less elevated against your shaved head’s tone and inevitably look brilliant.  St Tropez’s bronzing mousse offers quick and effective fake tanning, perfect for the modern men.

Another tip comes from London male makeup artist based Aldo Reeves who says that ‘drawing attention to the eyes with the likes of eyeliner and mascara for men eliminates the slight differentiation in colour between your face and head when wearing products like foundation and bronzers’.  Taxi Man’s Guyliner and MMUK MAN’s clear mascara are both great additions to help achieve this look.

With the very best advice being choosing the closest possible colour of makeup to your skin, something which can be achieved with the help of MMUK MAN’s experts, you can now take maximum pleasure in the performance of such products, without your day to day cover being blown.  For more help on getting the best colour for your skin e-mail us at and we will be straight back in touch.

Until next time gentlemen, good luck!