Hi Chaps!  It brings us great pleasure to announce that Kenmen makeup will be officially sold at our online men’s cosmetic store from July 2014.  This stylish, luxury and sophisticated range of makeup for men is specifically designed for the contemporary man, obsessed with looking flawless and stylish!  Kenmen's range of male cosmetics include it's Iconic Blo-Job Bronzing Powder, Duo Man Powders and revolutionary Sculpting Foundation Sticks, all engineered to give your wash bag a much needed upgrade.

Furthermore, Kenmen's fabulous range of beard correctors, lash and brow glazes and GUY-Liners will also be made available.  If that wasn't enough to get your grooming ghosts running for the hills, why not splash out on one of Kenmen's tinted moisturisers or bronzing lotions to leave you looking buffed and bronzed?

Kenmen's quirky branding, eye catching design and sheer excellence have created a strong following across the water, a following that looks set to be replicated with news of its official launch in the UK.  With makeup for men playing more and more of an important role in the grooming success of modern men, would you dare to dabble in a little, to leave you looking sexy and ready to play?

Like current men's makeup brands MMUK MAN and 4VOO, Kenmen place an imperative and sustained focus on their makeup products' subtlety.  Designed to be worn undetectable, the entire range offers true enhancement without your cover being blown.

Ranging between £22 and £38, Kenmen makeup isn't particularly on the cheap side.  However, for guys looking for light and effective enhancement to their complexions, Kenmen are sure to last you the long haul.  For easy and long lasting application, take out all the hassle of buying man makeup with our latest line.

Kenmen's mission is simple:  To create practical and effective skin care solutions for men.  Offering premium quality ingredients, ethically sourced, Kenmen provide full transparency when it comes to what is in their cosmetics and where it has come from.  


Established in 2004, Kenmen first focused on providing unparalleled skin care and cosmetics to actors and other on stage performers, catering for some of Hollywood's biggest A-Lister to this very day.  Before the market exploded in 2008, it's mainstream cosmetic line was made available in North America and at some carefully selected high end overseas shops.  It is with great excitement to announce that Kenmen will become exclusively available through MMUK MAN, offering a connecting branch to existing UK customers and an olive branch to men who simply wish to look as good as they can everyday!

Some fantastic reviews will shortly follow, covering the entire Kenmen range.  Keep checking out our men’s makeup blog for up to the minute product reviews.