Korres MakeupFor years Korres Men have been delivering premium quality skincare to men of all ages.  Whether it was their revolutionary eye cream, face mask or balancing hair wash, the entire male grooming scene has fully reaped the rewards of their expert formulations.  However, in a new twist, Korres have now ventured into the world of mens makeup with their luxury range of foundation and face powder.


There is a few important features to note about their new trio of products, most notably super slick packaging, incredible vitamin enriched formulas and expert blending technology, geared to help the most common problem in the world of mens cosmetics, choosing the right colour.  Furthermore, a sprinkle of expert matte coverage, mean theres no risks taken by men looking to dabble in a little male makeup, as complete subtlety can be maintained at all times.


Stocked at around the £14 mark and exclusively available at MMUK MAN, like their mens grooming range, Korres makeup promises not to break the bank.  Another key issue solved by Korres men is the time that some men complain it takes to achieve the very best results in the bathroom.  Their foundations in particular can be either applied with cosmetic accessories or your finger tips, in the same quick way you would apply a moisturiser, whilst achieving effective results.  Likewise, their new and revolutionary anti-shine powder can be quickly applied with a dusting over the t-zone to leave your skin looking matte, shine free and masculine all day long.


Enriched with botanicals also, Korres mens makeup never neglects the importance of keeping your skin protected at all times.  Like other premium quality male makeup ranges, such as Myego and MMUK MAN, they revolve predominantly around allowing your skins underneath condition to improve, making you less reliant on cosmetic coverage in the future.


So there it is guys, three products released specifically for you and MMUK MAN’s trained staff have been well rehearsed with the new range, so, if you have any questions regarding its suitability, please feel free to fire them across.