This week we were contacted by Nick who had a couple of concerns around tide marks on his face, particularly noticeable around his neckline.  For guys who are not so familiar with this expression, tide marks refer to the area of your skin where your cosmetic products end and your normal skin resumes, a line, if you like to symbol the end of your makeup application.

Nick has been worried for a while, as seeing ladies' overly bronzed and made up faces, along with pale and natural neck lines really wasn't something that appealed to him.  So, with a little advice from the makeup gods, I'm really glad to say that we certainly put his mind at ease.

The best way to tackle tide marks are by blending out your man makeup, down your neck, as well as dabbing a little product into your hair line.  For gentlemen trying to achieve a darker and more bronzed complexion with products such as foundation for men and tinted moisturiser, this is of absolute importance.  Doing so is easy.  By dabbing a little product down your neck line with a sponge, the faint coverage offered by such products creates the perfect blended in surface.  Sometimes, with a vast amount of product present on your face and not so on your neck, your makeup will quite literally stick out like a sore thumb, something that our natural makeup for men advocates particularly need to avoid.

By copying this technique, along with a dab into the hair line, you are really able to elevate your complexion without making its distinction completely obvious from the rest of your skin.  For Caucasian men, the colour N5 on our colour pallet will do just the trick, whilst N7 is often used as a perfect facial tone enhancer for tanned skin.  As with most male makeup success, getting the tone correct in the first instance will alleviate any problems around blending all of your products in, so it’s always good to double check your skin tone with us.

The simple fact remains gentlemen, that by getting your colour and blending ability just spot on, you will really be able to capitalize on true enhancement without your cover being blown.  Enhance your complexion and facial tone simultaneously and make it one hell of an improvement on your grooming wish list.

This week, I’m glad we could help Nick from Hertfordshire and if you have any concerns with making your makeup for men look as natural as possible, feel free to fire your questions our way.  You may also wish to adopt a foundation brush for men and copy this technique, but men's makeup sponges are a cost effective way towards facial enhancement.