As far as we are concerned, looking good doesn’t have to come at a hefty price, even if you are a male model wishing to look great for that photo shoot or even a TV appearance.  The spotlight is very much on men nowadays to look flawless in front of the camera, without raising suspicions about his male cosmetic preferences and unfortunately for most guys who need to look so good, the camera very rarely lies!

MMUK MAN, the UK’s number one male makeup retailer have therefore created the ultimate cosmetic bible for men of this ilk, to follow when it’s time for lights, camera, action.  From some handy tips, to some well known tricks of the trade, this ten step makeup for men guide is perfect when it comes to showing off your better half.  So, without further ado, let’s get down to business.

Step 1 - Always use a matifier or skin primer.  When it comes to photography and mens makeup, you should always build the right foundations.  Oily skin is certainly not a characteristic male models wish to portray when it comes to a shoot and for this, a great matifier will begin your first step to an anti-shine look, ensuring your cover isn’t blown.  Avoid the glow of a goddess and ensure masculinity remains well and truly top of your agenda with a high quality skin primer (matifier). 

Step 2 - Use a thinner based liquid foundation.  A thinner textured foundation for men avoids that dreaded ‘cakey’ finish and despite evening out your skin tone, will not create the appearance of your over worked dulled up to the nines Aunt Sally at the local clubs new year bash.

Step 3 - Brows over Brawn.  When it comes to grooming your eye brows, it can be a lot simpler than your first may think.  Plucking, gelling and slightly darkening you unruly brows with a mens eye brow pencil will really bring them back to life and add some great definition when it’s time to bring some sexy back in front of the camera.

Step 4 - Crack the Code.  Turning up to a casting, shoot or TV appearance with broken, cracked and dry lips is certainly not going to make the right impression.  For this, simply deploy a lip balm for men to plump, refresh and revitalize your chops, giving you that perfect smile.  Take it one step further by  using a cherry lipstick to give your lips that ‘I’ve just kissed someone’ look.

Step 5 - Sculpt and Tone.  By applying a small amount of bronzer along your jawline and cheek bone, you can really give yourself a defined and stand out look.  Sculpt a great look by doing so and with it avoid ‘tide marks,’ which typically form when makeup for men products end at your jawline and on your neck. 

Step 6 - Don’t put your men’s bronzer down.  By applying the smallest amount of bronzer to your face evenly with a bronzing brush, you now have the ability to avoid a washed out look, as well as adding a hint of colour to your face.  The camera picks up bronzer well and you can really make it work in your favor, providing you avoid a bronzer with pearls and glitter.

Step 7 - Are you a mascara man?  If you are, a clear mascara for men can be applied to your upper and lower lashes.  Adding slight definition without the look of a Vegas drag queen, manscara can really frame your eyes and make your audience stand up take notice.  For the most subtle definition, use a clear mens mascara and really make the most of what you already have.

Step 8 - Conceal and Reveal!  Employ a cream based concealer under your eyes to avoid dark circles.  Unfortunately fellas, high definition cameras seem to have a nasty habit of picking up eye bags and dark circles.  With one quick and simple application of a mens cream concealer, stop them at source and allow the camera to pick up on their pigment brightening properties, simply revealing a better you.  Apply a small amount on the eye contour and blend in using a makeup for men brush.

Step 9 - Don’t forget the ears.  Your ears can often display a bright glow under the spotlight.  Tone it down a little with your bronzer for men.  Especially perfect if your shoot requires you to showcase your ears, tackle their shine with a brush of bronzer and really make you entire men’s makeup look incredibly natural.

Step 10 - The clean up.  Finally gentlemen, use a wipe to remove any visible makeup away from your hairline.  Doing so, will break your mens makeup nicely into your hairline, again, adding to its subtlety.  Furthermore, a good camera will pick up and reflect brighter hairs coated in foundation and when it comes to avoiding this, one final little trick should just about do it.

So fellas, take centre stage with no fear of your new make up’d look courtesy of MMUK MAN’s male model makeup guide.  Bridge the gap between flawless and masculine with our luxury range of products.  Beat the competition with ten quick and easy steps any male model can follow.