Far gone are the days where a simple daily moisturiser, shaving gel and body spray classify as good effective grooming guys.  With more men than ever before under the social microscope, it's time to introduce MMUK MAN, the men's cosmetic specialist that certainly pack a good punch in the bathroom.  Offering a luxury range of foundation, concealer and even eyeliner for men, 100% British based MMUK, put simply, pave the way to a brighter grooming future.

Banish the likes of dark circles, spots and wrinkles with this high performance range, muscularly packaged in matte black casing to resemble anything but your sister’s overly feminine makeup collection.  Bagged yourself a date with the person of your dreams?  Perhaps looking to upgrade your complexion for a big occasion or job interview?  Whatever your motive for an enhanced complexion, allow MMUK MAN to swiftly come calling.  

With autumn well underway, other skin imperfections may be starting to show their fouler side.  If blemishes, dry and pale skin  are also causing you havoc, get the red carpet treatment with bronzers, tinted moisturisers and even BB cream also available, meaning when it comes to Saturday night, those lingering skin problems can RSVP elsewhere.

Whilst the explosive trend in makeup for men continues, some of our most coveted male celebs are also rumoured to be getting in on the action.  With Brad Pitt, George Clooney and Mr bad boy himself Simon Cowell confirmed as avid wearers of luxury Canadian brand 4VOO, as products likes MMUK’s ensure maximum subtlety and discretion, why wouldn’t you want to upgrade your grooming game?