A few weeks ago, we did a little piece on choosing the right products if you are a black man interested in makeup.  Today, we are putting together some tips on choosing the right colour of men's makeup if you are white.  Whether it’s concealer, foundation or even tinted moisturiser you are interested in, your pathway to cosmetic success will be truly enlightened.

The first thing to note guys is that there are 4 key colours that 99% of white men will fall within on our makeup for men colour pallet.  Ranging from N3 to N7, white Caucasian men will be able to quickly identify their skin tone, without all the fuss and panic involved in choosing the right colour, or risking losing lots of money discovering the best tone for you.


So, let's give you guys a nice reminder of what skin tone you are and what range of makeup colour will best suit you.


N3 - Very Pale Skin - It kind of says it all really.  The colour N3 is for very pale skin tones and for those who typically suffer with sensitiveness or irritation.  If you find your skin looking lighter than most of your friends of similar colour tones, then the chances are N3 will be just right for you.


N4 - Slightly Pale Skin - Perfect for slightly pale skin tones that catch a mild tan in the summer, N4 is our third most popular colour option for gentlemen who want to make their complexion a little brighter, whilst making their cosmetics look totally unnoticeable.


N5 - Our most popular colour - N5 is the one for standard Caucasian skin that tans well in the summer, looks a little pale in winter and generally matches most of your lighter skinned friends tone.  It's by far our most popular and repeatedly ordered colour, with many of our clients hugely complimenting its ability to blend well with their light skin.  In reality gents, this blending power bridges the gap between the varying colour tones, with the difference between them being rather tiny.  The general rule of thumb is that get yourself in the right ball park of makeup shade and you will be just fine, especially with the MMUK MAN range.


N7 - Our second most popular shade.  Very popular in the summer when we tend to get a little more tanned, N7 is ideally suited for skin types with a tan.  It also works best if you use a tinted moisturiser, such as MYEGO's Fonteint Enhancer, along with bronzers for men, as the shade is dark enough to give you enhancement, without looking orangey and feminine, a look all of us guys must avoid.


Of course, it's still important to note if you are still unsure, Adam, our Chief Men's Makeup Artist is only an e-mail away at info@mensmake-up.co.uk to offer advice.  A lot of our clients still choose to send in recent photographs of themselves, which Adam can review and let you know the most appropriate tone for you.  Adam is also available to offer you advice on what the best products to buy are, to help you achieve your varying grooming goals.