A lot of guys out there sometimes get a little overwhelmed on how to apply makeup for men over stubble.  Negotiating stubborn stubble can seem like a thankless task, however, for these gents walking down a one way male cosmetic street by removing their stubble, we’re here to tell you that there is another way.

By following the below five handy hints, we’ll show you how you can make the most out of foundation for men, men’s concealer and bronzer, whilst maintaining the sheer masculinity of movie star stubble.

For the modern day cosmetic conscious male, getting to grips with makeup and stubble will allow you to strike the perfect balance between an alpha male look and model-like perfection.

So gent’s...let’s get down to business!

Always apply makeup for men, including foundation and concealers for men against the grain of your stubble.  Applying makeup away from your chin and jawline will ensure makeup product is deposited onto the right part of your face.  Application towards the jawline in a swiping motion will leave, on average, 35% of mens makeup product nestled in your facial hair, a look none of us are searching for.

For best results when applying male makeup, use a foundation brush or concealer brush respectively.  This is generally regarded as a makeup golden rule, however, it’s never been more true than when it comes to tackling stubble and facial hair.  Again, working against the grain of your hair, will leave you with great results and most importantly, a natural complexion.

Thirdly, keeping facial hair to a minimum is a good way of getting a great look.  At a relatively short length, i.e. stubble or slightly longer, you’re really able to make sure your foundation, in particular, is applied with minimal fuss.  Of course, if you’re a man keen on keeping longer facial hair, it may be best to remove makeup from this area entirely.

When it comes to tackling imperfections in and around the stubble region of your face such as, blemishes, red marks and spots, it’s always good to approach this with a concealer for men which can be applied with a blending/concealer brush.  MMUK MAN’s Concealer Trio For Men is a perfect makeup for men product which offers the correct creme to powder consistency to be applied to stubble region imperfections easily, before drying as a powder to in keep with this typically rough and ready part of your face

Finally, it’s always good to remember when dealing with stubble and bronzer for men that application has to be ‘feather like’ using your men’s bronzing brush.  With your stubbles natural tendency to pick up more product from the brush than other areas of your face, when applying men’s bronzing powder, applying a light amount, initially on your brush and ultimately on your face, will leave you with that perfectly subtle look.  With the stubbles natural look being typically darker than your overall skin tone, it’s always a good idea to start off lightly with a little product.

Tip From The Makeup For Men Expert:  ‘’If you’re dealing with light facial hair such as blondes or gingers, it’s a really good idea to use finishing powder as appose to bronzer for men.  This will ensure darker bronzing powder will not be left deposited in your stubble.  Instead, a lighter finishing powder will give you a very similar look, however, these typically come in lighter shades for men and offer the perfect balance for men with lighter tones of facial hair.

So gentlemen, with our latest makeup for men blog, we’ve taught you how to combine that action hero stubbled look with the complexion of god.  Whether you’re going for bronze or clean and clear, taking on board a few handy tips from the mens makeup experts can ensure you go a long way in achieving your look.

You’re more than a free man!  Thank you for listening.