Tanned ManSome guys find themselves constantly trying to strike the right balance between a natural looking tanned face and healthy skin.  We all know the dangers of over exposure to the sun, yet grasping onto just that little bit of sunshine whenever we can, always just seems too appealing.  Despite the common dangers of sun exposure (skin cancer, prematurely aging skin and a leathery look), why do so many men insist on simmering their face in mid-July temperatures?  


On the other hand, men who wish to use a good bronzer are met with challenges of their own, getting the colour right, choosing the right brand and getting application perfect, to name but a few.  The result?  Making an informed decision after weighing up the positives and negatives of both sides of the coin, can just seem a little bit like hard work.  


It may be becoming clear that there really is only one winner in the battle of natural against fake, but just to help you out that little bit more, we’re going to give you some quality makeup for men advice when it comes for choosing the latter.  Men’s bronzers needn’t be difficult to master.  Whilst there are quite a few brands out there, such as MMUK MAN, Calvin Klein and 4Voo, there is nothing like the choice offered to our female counterparts, and for that, we should be forever thankful.

Handsome Men

In today’s men’s makeup blog, leave it to the experts when it comes to mastering bronzer for men.  Our 5 key tips to choose the perfect bronzer, colour and application technique will lead you in good stead to achieve all of your cosmetic goals, without eyebrows being raised for looking un-masculine.  After all, a vegas drag queen is a look we’re certainly not going after.  Find the right bronzer and you will be left looking fantastic all year round.

Match Your Men’s Bronzer Just Right

We all know that getting the right shade of makeup for men can be a difficult task, however, bronzer does give you a little bit of insurance.  The idea behind choosing the right bronzing powder for men is that you choose a colour just one or two shades darker than your current skin tone.  Getting a complete mis match can leave you looking like an extra out of the Only Way Is Essex, or a main character for that matter!  


Think Natural 

The most natural and impressive look you’re going to achieve with men’s bronzer is by thinking about where sun would naturally fall on your face.  Typically, the bridge of your nose, chin forehead and cheekbones would be more exposed to sunlight and therefore, applying slightly more bronzer on these areas is really going to boost your subtle makeup for men look.


Get the texture just right

Most men prefer to go for a matte bronzer to take away the typical glow created by bronzer.  When choosing the right texture, it’s important to go for an ultra fine and glitter free texture for obvious reasons.  Most product descriptions will let you know of a bronzer’s texture, but it’s always good to check with a manufacturer, especially if you’re choosing one designed to women.  Thankfully, most bronzing powders for men are already fit for purpose, but you may wish to check.


Go with the season’s

Men’s skin typically changes natural colour throughout the season’s.  We don’t need to spell it out just how but you do need to be aware of your lighter complexion throughout winter and how you should adapt your colour of bronzer to that.  Sticking to the two shades darker rule, and with your skin’s natural tendency to go two shades lighter in winter, it’s important to adapt your colour of bronzer to that, to avoid the Tango’d look.


Slow and Steady wins the race

Especially so at the beginning of your bronzer mastering, it’s important to apply just a little bit at a time using a quality men’s bronzing brush.  Applying with the faintest of glides really means you can slowly build up to a natural colour and you don’t end up looking orange and cakey..  Apply men’s bronzing powder under natural light for even better results, as artificial can cause unnatural refraction of light and cause your bronzer to look strange when you step out the front door.


So gents, now you have been given a little light education in the world of bronzer’s, the key thing to remember is that although sounding complicated, in reality, you can get a perfect look by following five simple steps.  Stick predominantly to bronzers designed for men, to keep off collision cause with the Tango look and you will be just fine.  Choose a colour just darker than your current skin tone and remember to apply faintly under natural light.  From here on out, it’s over to you but MMUK MAN’s expert team are ready and waiting should you require assistance with your colour choice or anything makeup for men related.