Today gentlemen, we're running the rule over men's eyebrow waxing and how to use brow wax at the end of your daily routine to really set off your look. Fortnightly waxing will really allow you to stay ahead of the game and when done right, will really bring your entire appearance together. Whilst most gentlemen don't have the spare time to visit a man salon every couple of weeks, or the bottle for that matter, follow our at home guide and you're sure to be onto a winner.

You can of course ask someone in the house to help you on the first couple of goes. Women inevitably will have more experience in waxing eyebrows, but in order for them to maintain their subtlety, you cannot afford to go over the top when it comes to men's brow grooming. Overdoing will unfortunately make them look too feminine.

Cleaning up men's eyebrows, in reality guys, doesn't have to be a daunting task. The fact remains, like with everything, you'll probably need a couple of goes to get it right. However, in no time you'll be grooming them like a pro!

Start off with combing your brows directly up, using a lash/brow brush, before trimming the longer hairs that are undoubtedly making them look bushy. The longer hairs that poke out are seriously damaging your eyebrows ability to look seamless, so a little trim in this aspect with the appropriate scissors, will go a hell of a long way.

Expert Tip: When waxing men's eyebrows, it's important to not make them too thin. For this, never apply wax to the bulk of the brow.

Next, dust your eyebrows with talcum powder, this will ensure that the wax doesn't stick to the skin, massively alleviating any pain often associated with taking care of this part of your face.

Get your hands on a good quality waxing kit for the brows and make sure you follow their instructions. Start by applying wax to the centre, to banish the appearance of any lingering mono-brow. Don't apply the wax too thick either, as doing so will blunt their inner ends. Place the strip over the wax, press and quickly tug it off after the required length of time, as stated on your instructions.

Next, it's time to apply the wax under your brow. Always follow the shape of your brow and don't get too close to the brow itself. Remember gents, the idea of good shaping is that you remove the stray hairs that inevitably make them look untidy. Follow the same procedure and well groomed eyebrows will be well on their way.

Repeat the process above the brow, leaving the slightest gap between the wax application and brow. Be careful to not touch your hair line at this stage too, as sporting a random gap in your hairstyle isn't going to do you any favours.

Expert Tip: When waxing, apply pressure to the strip to ensure that all the hairs are captured and never take the wax application directly to the arch of your brow. this will ensure your brows look naturally enhanced and tidy, without them looking feminine. Nobody want to re-enact that famous Joey Tribbiani moment!

Follow these simple steps gentlemen and you will be well on your way to fantastic looking brows. For daily care, invest in MMUK MAN's brand new Brow Wax Pomade, a natural looking product that is applied to the brows via your fingertip and glided outwards onto your brow. Lasting all day long, this brow wax gives them natural definition and really takes full advantage of the great grooming work you've put in before in your waxing routine.