It is stating the obvious that makeup for men is becoming more popular across the whole of Britain.  But, who is most likely to wear it?  where is he from? and what does he do?  We’ll look at some of these answers and more as we explore just what form of man is making makeup so popular.  By cross referencing sales destinations, products, customer profiles and MMUK MAN’s questionnaires, delivered to and returned by thousands of makeup for men lovers, we’ve drawn up with some eye catching commonalities, conclusions and trends. 

First up is location!  Sales show Edinburgh as the most popular city of mens makeup wearers in the UK, leaving London and Liverpool to battle it out for second and third respectively.  With over 17% of orders shipped to Edinburgh throughout 2011 and 2012, it seems like the Scotsman is not thinking twice about his traditional bold and brazen trademark as he seeks for complexion success with makeup for men.

The average age for male makeup wearers is 28, with a range of 16 to 48 existing across the entirety of the cosmetics for men spectrum.  So, where adolescent acne and aging wrinkles would first appear as big motives behind men wishing to wear makeup, it appears as though the man approaching his thirties is more likely to seek help from the male cosmetic gods.

When it comes to the occupation of male makeup wearers:  Despite models and actors ranking top of the charts, City workers, doctors and those in the private sector ranked highly in second, third and fourth respectively. 

Whilst at first glance the results may not be considered as anything out of the ordinary, however, MMUK MAN believe these three individual trends combine to create one huge, unforeseen and startling picture.  Whilst the stereotype of mens makeup would maybe point towards Essex or Brighton as the most popular location of makeup wearers.  Furthermore, a man in his early twenty’s would be considered more likely to wear makeup.

However, what we are seeing before our very eyes is the further break down of social barriers, which before  prevented men to resort to male cosmetics when in need of a complexion U-turn.  Instead, as society diverts it’s delusional glaze from the fact that a male makeup wearer must be a homosexual man who dresses up in his mothers clothes, to a modern day man simply intending to look his best.  Depicted as more and more everyday fellas are working with the likes of foundation for men, concealer and bronzer in the hope of bidding a fond farewell to those troublesome facial imperfections.