In a recent study of over 1500 men from various walks of life, we can now reveal that an estimated 3 million men in the UK now dabble in a little bit of 'man-slap'. From basic at home treatments, including resting cucumber over the eyes, or applying toothpaste to the skin to dry out a spot, to more advanced products out there, the soaring popularity of makeup is no longer just a flash in the pan.

2007 saw the birth of The Men Pen Concealer, shortly followed by dedicated lines for men by the likes of Recipe For Men and Guyliner, as they bid to corner the men's market. In 2011, we celebrated the launch of MMUK MAN, your one stop store for all things male cosmetics.

Ranging from Eyeliner, Foundation and even face powder for men, it's not just the basics that are being explored, as men further fine tune their cosmetic needs. With men quickly coming to realise what a carefully chosen selection of cosmetics can do for them, it's not just your basic daily moisturiser or eye cream that are now stealing the limelight.

In addition, MMUK MAN have recently celebrated the launch of our revolutionary Beard Filler, Eye shadow 'Guyshadow' pot and brow gel, further demonstrating the growing diversity of gentlemen's demands. What may have been a simple shaving cream and shower gel, a decade or so ago, has now evolved into a growingly complex set of wash bag essentials, that now rival of our female counterparts.

With 40% of men willing to use their wives' makeup products, a little touch up prior to a night out on the town has never been more popular! With the popularity of products spanning between gentlemen between the ages of 17 and 50, from acne treatments and coverage products, to more hardcore anti-aging treatments, every lotion and potion dedicated to men's skin out there has enjoyed a surge in popularity, especially over the previous twelve months.

Do you, or do you know of anyone who wears male makeup? Reports suggest that, along with a growing willingness to try it out, men are becoming less shy about talking about their favourite products and recommending them to their friends, further enhancing the force field behind its 2015 rocketing popularity.