This week, MMUK MAN celebrate the release of our revolutionary Men's Skin Tone Corrector Cream - a high definition skin balancing men’s makeup without makeup product, guaranteed to provide thousands of men with some much needed grooming grace. Sent direct from the grooming gods themselves, this powerful moisturising formula can be used alone, or underneath men's skin tone makeup, such as foundation and concealer, to forge the perfect partnership of complete camouflage and correction for underperforming and uneven complexions.

Encased in the iconic MMUK MAN packaging, this hi-def men’s skin balancer has the required green tint, famously known to balance out areas of redness, irritation and even more severe skin conditions, including Rosacea. A condition a staggering 22% of men will experience regularly, Rosacea often results in inflamed areas of the skin and most commonly arises across the cheeks and nose, resulting in tiny white headed pimples in severe cases also.

Regularly gentlemen, when it's time to call for back up in the bathroom, MMUK MAN willingly oblige with our assortment of powerhouse skin correcting products. This hi-def balancer quickly sinks in and leaves your skin looking matte, prior to the application of your favourite male cosmetics. Used commonly with foundation for men during our trial phase, our clients have experienced some magnificent results, with 9 in 10 very keen to make this product a permanent fixture in their grooming regiment upon its release this December.

Correcting colour and priming the skin, MMUK MAN’s High Def Balancer is a light non-greasy skin perfector that improves the appearance of your entire complexion. Whether you find yourself flushed easily, suffering with common redness, or would simply like to tackle problem areas of your face that tend to stick out like a sore thumb, this revolutionary high performance formula will be with you every step of the way.