MMUK MAN Under Eye ConcealerSo, I’ve been asked to write a review on MMUK MAN’s under eye concealer.  Over the years, I have tried endless creams, serums and various concealers in order to try an tackle my hereditary dark circles, and of course, my bulging eye bags, which inevitably crop up after a heavy weekend’s drinking.  If that wasn’t  enough, age is really beginning to kick in as I’m now unfortunately the wrong side of 30.  I heard of MMUK MAN’s under eye concealer through a friend and was told that you can get up to 50% off a product if you are willing to give it an honest review – so here I am folks.


First things first, I’ve been continually reading on men’s grooming and beauty blogs that concealer for men is the only real product out there that will remove the appearance of dark circles, puffiness and bags.  Male grooming experts always seem to be saying the same old thing.  Whilst serums and cream will reduce the look of these imperfections, a male concealer is the only product out there that will completely cover them.  At first, the idea of wearing man makeup was just wrong to me.  After all, I’m a straight guy living in London, what would my friends think?  However, after a week’s use of MMUK MAN’s marvel, I quickly came to realize that I indeed, could never be without it.


Over the years I’ve spent a lot on the before mentioned products, but never really seen any benefits of real note.  Although my bank balance has taken a hit on more than one occasion I’m still regularly met with the parents claims of me looking tired and worn out over Sunday lunch and the frown on my bosses face on a Monday morning, as I display the obvious symptoms of a heavy weekend.  But not anymore!  


I’d firstly like to say that delivery from MMUK MAN was fast and came in plain packaging, a must for any man I’m sure who is thinking of buying any form of cosmetic product.  I was impressed with the packaging of the actual concealer itself.  It’s edgy, it’s sleek and it’s in no way feminine!  The next thing I worried about was application, I needed it to look subtle and after a quick chat with my sister, I quickly managed to get a grip of that side of things.  The best way I can describe application of an under eye concealer, is to imagine massaging the under eye area of your skin with a fingertip.  Gently place a small amount onto the inbuilt wand and dab it ever so lightly onto your contour.  Unlike most concealer’s for men, you’re not left with too much on your skin, thus allowing it to look completely natural.

Within seconds my eyes had completely changed – I could hardly believe it.  I looked younger, fresher and more revitalized.  It was almost like a time machine, minus the weird flashing lights and gadgets.  I couldn’t believe how 30 seconds care in the morning would go all the way when it comes to hiding dark circles and brightening my eyes.  Best of all, it lasts all day.  No sneaking off to the toilet to check that I was still looking fresh.  I experienced nothing but solace when it came to the way I looked and was in some ways upset that I’d only discovered this concealer in my early 30’s.  Dark circles and tired eyes have affected me for years and years – but still, it’s better late than never!  A lot of my girl-friends have mentioned how much better I look, which is great.  It’s given me a lot more confidence to talk to women, as I’m not continually worrying about my ‘daemon eyes’ – as I used to call them.  More importantly, there’s been no reference or hint that I may be wearing makeup for men by anyone, which makes it all the better.  I loosely use the term ‘life changing’ when describing this product, as that is a putting it in big boots to fill, but certainly one of my hero grooming products.

A definite thumbs up from me and if you’re in any way suffering with similar symptoms, I urge you seriously to bite the bullet and choose this under eye concealer for men.


Tim Crofts (London)