Tired of battling unruly and un-conforming brows? If so, MMUK MAN have found the answer with our latest product. Introducing our brand new brow wax pomade, a clear formula designed especially for the brows to bring conformity and a clear line to this area of your face.

Capping your other male cosmetics off with a flourishing finale, this brow wax is perfect for using alone, or with the use of a brow shadow. Often seen as the perfect product for harder to manage brows, where a gel form may not do, this product is ideal for busy men on the go all day long.

Especially good at minimising the appearance of bushiness also, we take great pride in our brand new product and welcome you all to give it a try. Apply sparingly with an angled tip brush, or simply your fingertip, a little goes a long way when getting to grips with your latest wash bag essential. Leaving you looking as though you have been cut from royalty, our latest bathroom blockbuster ads definition and shape to your eyebrows, without enhancing their appearance unnaturally.

Available in mid-May, take eye makeup for men to a whole new level with this product, encased in the same black casing present across the entire MMUK MAN series.