This week, we were approached by leading men's grooming and fashion blog Ape To Gentlemen, to provide us feedback on three of the best men's cosmetic products. Ape To gentlemen has been servicing the style needs of Britain's growingly conscious man for some years now and have built up a following of fantastic, well educated and sophisticated guys.

So, what made the list?

First up, it's MMUK MAN's concealer for men that made it into top stop, as it does seemingly with every chart it enters in the cosmetics for men world. Highly coveted within the industry for covering up a wide range of skin complaints, including acne scars, moles, pimples and fine lines. Simple, stylish and incredibly masculine, why wouldn't you want to pop one of these bathroom saviours into your daily routine?... and it's clear to see that Ape agree.

Turning our attention to the beard grower for a sec and it's MMUK MAN's Beard Filler that was given Ape's stamp of approval this week. For troublesome stubble and facial forests, this innovative grooming godsend quite simply looks the part and achieves in its pursuit to up the game of Ape's 100,000+ readers who suffer with similar problems.

And finally! Troubles rarely get more serious than dark circles and eye bags for male skin care lovers. Here to offer a saving grace for every single Gentlemen out there and Ape for that matter (after a heavy night) is MMUK MAN's Under Eye Concealer. an under eye cream based concealer that comes in a selection of easily blending shades that look incredibly natural, something crucial in the likelihood of men to both try and continue to use cosmetics.

For now, all that's left is for us to say thank you to Ape To Gentlemen for the positive reviews. Next week, keep an eye out for a review of our hugely successful Brow Gel for men by Manface.