Whilst the popularity of MMUK MAN’s makeup for men range remains firmly on the rise, our forward thinking organization have moved a giant step closer to opening up an entire new world for all male cosmetic followers.  Branching out into the world of mineral makeup for men, our new Alpha Mineral collection offers a luxurious collection of mineral makeup and a list of benefits that even Rain-Man would struggle to remember.  

Retailing in the £25-£35 price range, the benefits the collection offers match the pure excellence of the brand and are wonderfully mirrored by their stylish and sleek design.  Made from ground up rocks, mineral mens makeup often comes in the form of a powder, which proudly boast formulas which are free from preservatives, fragrance, chemicals and other irritants.  

Built to be very kind to men’s skin, the skin care benefits present within mineral male cosmetics are quite frankly second to none.  With their calming, anti-inflammatory and integrated sun care benefits, you can now bid for great looking skin from both angles, thanks to its thorough cover up ability also.

Camouflage all manner of men’s facial imperfections, such as scars, pimples, redness and wrinkles with the incredibly subtle coverage offered by MMUK MAN’s mineral makeup range.  Particularly good for treating male acne too, the PH balance supported by the ranges loose minerals ensure bacterial growth declines significantly, thus allowing for the natural decline of acne.

There are also other elements of this men’s makeup line which have been very well received by our trial cliental.  Most notably, its easy to remove nature, water resistance and 73% of gentlemen who tried it reported a significant decrease in fatigue, claiming their faces looked brighter and fresher.

Whilst MMUK MAN’s lightweight mineral makeup is non-comedogenic, the benefits far out reach those with just sensitive skin.  Allowing the skin to breathe perfectly, for a fresher long lasting wear, the entire makeup range is free from perfume and parabens, all of which are counterproductive to the skin.

Offering a luxury range of mineral makeup brushes, crucial for mineral mens makeup application, due to the importance of even spreading of such fine minerals.  Our range of vegan fine tipped products, are easily washable, virtually shed free, and smell as masculine as they look.  

So gents, isn’t it about time you asked yourself the question.  Isn’t it about time I go pro with mineral makeup for men?