Already boasting an exciting trio of cosmetic product for men, Myego already go a hell of a long way towards buffing up your complexion.  It is with great pride to announce that in the coming weeks and months MMUK MAN will be offering our clients three new and powerful products from their range.  Myego's Hydrate and Protect Moisturiser, the 2nd Generation Cover Select Concealer and a brand new and upgraded Matifiant Anti Shine Powder will be hitting the store, in a bid to further perfect your complexion.

Combining with the already hugely popular Myego Fonteint Hydrating Enhancer and eyeliner for men, Myego looks set to greet its expansion with a more revolutionary packaging display also, further engraining its brooding presence on the grooming periphery of the UK’s 21st century modern man.

So, what makes these new products ones to watch?

Hydrate and Protect will be a deeply nourishing formula that moisturises the skin intensely and combats the appearance of stress, fatigue and ageing.  Inbuilt into its powerful complex are active minerals that instantly begin the repair and overhaul of your complexion.  Quickly sinking into your skin, this powerful moisturiser creates a shine free and enhanced effect, as well as maintaining your skin’s vitality right throughout the day.

Combine these benefits with the brand new, updated and graduated Cover Select Concealer, and you can finally say goodbye to dark circles, eye bags and fine lines.  Make spots, blemishes and other facial imperfections a thing of the past with this simple, quick and most importantly, natural men's cover up.  With intense brightening components, this concealer for men comes in one universal shade, suitable for all light to medium skin tones.

Myego's Matifiant has also been dealt a timely boost with a formula that is more luxurious, velvety and smooth upon wear.  Boasting a longer lasting formula and a ingredient base stripped of potentially damaging components, it is fair to say that Myego have yet again excelled themselves with this updated formula.  If you are already a fan of Matifiant, things are about to get a whole lot better.

The new products will be made available shortly, so for now, watch this space, as troublesome and damaged skin can get prepared to take a hike!