With the curtain closing on yet another hectic year in the male cosmetic industry, Makeup For Men UK believe is our duty, as one of the industries leading specialists, to give some well deserved credit to some of the products which have served modern day men well over the previous 12 months.

With an ever expanding product base in the makeup for men market, comes a list of stand out performers, which have certainly not failed to perform this season.  Justifying their place amongst men’s makeup’s elite, these fine makeup marksmen have certainly hit the targets of the industries growing customer base and guru’s, as well as turning the heads of a lot of guys whom before believed, male makeup just wasn’t for them.

Player of the season.

The elite of makeup for men product comes in the form of MMUK MAN’s Foundation For Men.  Since it’s arrival during the summer of this year it has outsold everything in it’s class, boasting some very complimentary reviews by male beauty bloggers and men’s health and beauty experts from across a number of platforms.

To keep it short and straight to the point:  Guys love this form of foundation for it’s moisturising base, along with it’s perfect and subtle coverage.  At a price of £19.00, the price tag has certainly not fought off the men’s makeup warrior in his search for ultimate skin perfection throughout the latter stages of 2012.

The Wingman...

STILA’s Men Expert Concealer Stick For Men shot to grooming fame in 2012 and proved a real winning move for many men out there wishing to cover up spots, blemishes and acne.  At a reasonable price and offering a long lasting wear, men all over Britain have been clambering to get in on the action as they effortlessly cover up skin problem after problem.

The Dark Horse...

Arriving also relatively late in the year, MMUK MAN’s Concealer Trio For Men has certainly rewritten the script of what a usual concealer for men should be.  Often pictured and sold as a stick, this concealer pot, divided into three different shades, gave thousands of men out there the flexibility to experiment with male concealer for the very first time this year.  Another positive of such a product, and one in which 76% of men listed as crucial in their decision to buy is this products ability to match any skin tone, with it’s incredible blending versatility, achieved by three different men’s concealer tones. 

Overall, a product very much to look out for as we sit here on the cusp of yet another hectic year in the male grooming and cosmetics industry.

The Brawn...

The sheer manliness of MMUK MAN’s Bronzer For Men certainly made men sit up and listen upon it’s explosion onto the scene in mid August.  As summer quickly dwelled, if it was ever here at all, the growing proportion of men in search of a bronzing powder tripled virtually overnight, leaving with it a sizable demand for this easy to apply, natural and luxurious powder based formula for men.

Men keeping up with the pressure to look good, found solace in the easy tanning ability of such a makeup for men product, along with it’s incredibly natural look.  This product is one in which we are very proud of, and it’s sheer quality keeps men coming back for more and more.  

The King...

BRTC’s B.B cream for men again makes the headlines for all the right reasons, and with a price tag of £39.00, you’d almost expect it to fail to live up to the hype.  However, i’m afraid you’re wrong gents.  The swiss army knife of the male grooming and makeup world again comes up trumps with a ‘makeup without makeup’ product designed for high performance and gentlemen with very high standards.

Cover, repair, protect and reverse are the four words never more relevant than when discussing any mens bb cream, however, BRTC take it to a whole new level.  Shooting to fame in 2012 and becoming ever present in more and more men’s makeup regimes, such a product offers the benefits to completely reshape your complexions future.

Derived ‘the King’ because it simply has it all, BRTC’s male BB Cream is certainly hot property as we call it a day on a revolutionary  year in the male cosmetics cauldron.  

So gentlemen, whether you’ve joined us relatively late or had the pleasure of witnessing the changing landscape of the male makeup world throughout 2012, we hope you have enjoyed the ride all the same.  With the undoubted growing popularity of men’s makeup, by men from all walks of life, it’s fair to say that 2012 is one in which we will all remember.  

With MMUK MAN’s new product line set to be released in early spring, hot off the tail of our original product line’s success, we promise you a fun, effective and confidence changing journey as we progress together into 2013.

For now, from everybody here at MMUK MAN, have a wonderful Christmas and a very flawless new year.