Just a week on  from using MYEGO's Fonteint Hydrating Enhancer for the very first time and it's only right that I share with you my skin’s successes so far.  Coming in at a reasonably priced £21.00, I decided to bite the bullet and discover all that a men's tinted moisturiser could do for me, courtesy of the team here at MMUK MAN.

The product itself looks and feels great.  Aside from being able to feel the quality, the clearly obvious masculine branding does wonders for my ego (excuse the pun) and doesn't make me feel like I’m wearing a product range that is fundamentally designed for women.  Tinted moisturisers for men are a relatively new thing and MYEGO superbly bridge the gap between masculinity and performance.

Arriving in good time, I applied MYEGO's Fonteint to my skin with just two or three small pea size amounts, before rubbing in.   The first thing I would say is avoid applying in your eyebrows as you don't want them to appear lighter than they actually are, thanks to this products inbuilt tint.  Apply to a clean and freshly washed face for an even smoother appearance and you’ll be left fully reaping the rewards of all that men’s cosmetics have to offer.

'Absolutely Amazing' - The product, upon wear, is superb!  It feels good on the skin, bronzes and covers every type of lingering imperfection on my face.  I had a couple of blemishes on my cheek and a red mark by my jaw and they were instantly and discreetly covered with this cream, which is nothing short of a miracle.

I'm hugely surprised at how natural the product looks on my face, however, it did take a work colleague to point out my paler chest before I realised that applying some down my neckline and onto my chest is clearly the right way to go for it to remain unnoticeable.  Apart from that little mishap, the natural and non-cakey finish of this makeup for men marvel is clear for not only me, but for all to see.  The bronzing elements MyEgo's Fonteint Hydrating Enhancer offer is something to be admired.  My skin's never looked so healthy and I haven't seen it looking this good since I arrived back off Holiday last summer.  I'd be perfectly happy using this product in winter or the height of summer to get that sun kissed glow all year round I’ve always wanted.

Another key characteristic, aside from my now nicely glowing skin is the chiselled look of my face upon wear.  Whilst pale and dull skin really does nothing for my look, this benefit ads depth and definition to my jaw line and cheekbones and for that, I’m astounded at the improvement.  I’ve always dreamt of having the chiselled look of a cover-model and am so happy it can now be acquired in just a few minutes.  My complexion itself is smoother, more refined and really does look HD ready.  The tanning elements of this face cream offer all day refreshment and really make my face feel comfortable, look more toned and de-stressed.

Some key tips when using MYEGO's Fonteint is to make sure you wash the product off your hands after applying, as you don't want to ruin that freshly pressed shirt and remember to work the product into stubble, as if you have longer facial hair it can appear ginger.  Normally, just a few extra seconds applying against the grain of hair works wonders for me and I’m left looking simply fantastic all day long.

Aside from it looking and feeling good, the product itself is mildly scented upon application, leaving my masculinity firmly in check!  There are no elements likened to women's products and it is clear to see that this product is devoted to men's skin.  I've always been a little cautious about how to approach male cosmetics, but would highly recommend this product for any gentlemen wishing to upgrade his look little by little.  It truly is easy to apply and the compliments you receive upon wear will certainly keep you wanting more.

I've only had the luxury to wear this in the office and gym, but can't wait to deploy this makeup for men masterpiece before a big night out on the town with the boys.  I'm not an Essex boy, but the look achieved with the help of MyEgo makes it clear to see why any man would want to look after his appearance so much.

A huge thumbs up from me.