Here at MMUK MAN, we are regularly asked by our clients as to the quickest way to apply all of their male cosmetics.  Whether it's bronzers, foundations or concealers, it seems as though time is absolutely critical in terms of bagging yourself a great complexion.  In your busy schedules, we appreciate that you don't necessarily have the time in the mornings to waste in front of a mirror, bringing in a timely introduction to two of MMUK MAN's latest products.

Our Mineral Foundation and Bronzing Wands officially go on sale on Monday and they have been especially designed with you in mind.  Both wands have integrated application brushes and with a few clicks of their base, just the right amount of product is dispersed onto their brush tips.  Aside from the obvious time and cost saving, in not messing around with cosmetic tools, there are another couple of benefits well worth a note.

The idea behind the two products is that gentlemen can really focus on a specific area of their face that might need enhancement.  Whether it's a particular problem area of skin with the foundation wand, or a brush across the T-Zone with the bronzer, you are really able to enhance your complexion by playing in all the right areas.  These two products also ensure that the minimum possible amount of formula is lost after application, essentially making them last longer than your regular male cosmetics.

Aside from this, and their quick and easy application, the wand is an all in one tool that can be discreetly popped away in your wash bag.  With black matte packaging that would not look out of place in any man's bathroom either, MMUK MAN introduce you now to the future of makeup for men application.