We seem to spend all of our time learning, questioning and perfecting our makeup for men routines.  In our latest male beauty blog, we’ll be looking at the very last stage of successful men’s cosmetic wear, namely removal, and discussing why it is so crucial to get into the habit of complete removal at the end of your day.

The truth is guys, that we can all look great with a little touch up from the cosmetic gods.  Whether you’re experimenting and perfecting your look with bronzer, foundation or even eyeliner for men, they will all do a stern job at upgrading your complexion and style.  However, do not allow yourself to get caught up in the common trap of failing to remove your cosmetic products.  Doing so, will lead to a whole host of problems, inevitably asking more and more of your products in the long term, until such a time when they are simply not able to perform correctly.

So why is it important to remove common makeup for men products?

Firstly, it’s important to let your skin breathe!  By leaving makeup on over night, you’re really running the risk of your pores getting clogged.  Think of unsuccessful removal as suffocating your skin and its cells and doing so will ultimately lead to a more fatigued and faster aging skin.  

Secondly, failing to remove men’s makeup inhibits your skin’s cellular renewal.  The result? You may result in your skin aging faster and looking less vibrant.  Your skin’s ability to generate new skin cells is the main factor to younger looking skin and by not removing, it could be curtains for your long term grooming goals.

Thirdly, common imperfections have a nasty habit of arising if you don’t cleans your skin after wearing product all day long.  Blackheads, pimples, redness and irritation are all things that could come knocking at your front door if you fail to complete your grooming routine in style.

Finally, it’s important to wash away impurities within your pores that typically build up throughout your day of makeup wear.  Dirt, grime toxins are all common blighters that you are highly probable to face and by implementing a good quality male makeup remover, you’re really able to eliminate them in a careful and calming way.

So gentlemen, to deliver true cosmetic success to your skin, we hope you appreciate the importance of successful removal at the end of your busy day.  By taking a couple of minutes with removal wipes or a liquid, your skin will end up thanking you as you achieve a more toned, refined and clearer looking complexion, allowing common product to get on with the job with minimal interruption.