Hello everybody, welcome today, to the wonderful world of...‘the future you’

It’s right around 11 o’clock and one of the boys has just called.  They ask you how you look and are you ready? 

You tell him you’re looking good and you’re ready to hit town.  But, look again.  Are you really?

There’s a new brand of man filling up swanky restaurants, bars and clubs all over the world.  That gentleman is a cosmetically enhanced, pristine and sharp man ready and waiting to shrug off competition and preparing to receive glance after glance, head turn after turn and more than an abundance of attention from the female population.

The gentleman we are describing is, yes you’ve got it right, a makeup man.  No longer is concealer a women only thing.  No longer is foundation use frowned upon and no longer should bronzer, brow gel or guyliner phase you as a modern day man.

With more and more products being released to satisfy the growing demand in the male cosmetic industry; you can more easily come to realise that a little touch up goes a long way by stumbling upon one of these mens makeup master classes.  With 56% of men regularly using makeup for men products including manscara, foundation and bb creams for men; the growing presence of such products, which 10 years ago may have been frowned upon, is turning frowns into looks of intrigue by men whom wish to emulate the make up’d looks created ever so subtly by the likes of Jude Law, David Beckham and Justin Timberlake.  

Why let a spot, blemish or dry skin linger during party time?  Don’t let dark circles and fatigued skin hamper your chances with the ladies.  Say no to irritating imperfections, inflamed redness and fiery fatigue and say yes to a brand new brand of man.  

Compliment your style encapsulated by designer wear, smart watches and fancy cars with a mens makeup collection even the most regular red carpet guest would be proud of.  Become your own man ready to accept nothing less than perfection in every aspect of his life.

So, gentlemen, ring back the guys and tell them you’re going to be a few minutes late.  Because, makeup for men is transforming the looks and form of men all over the world.  The experts here at Makeup For Men UK wouldn't mind betting that once you try the best mens makeup has to offer, there simply wont be any turning back.  

Never go home alone, rewrite the seduction script and throw yourself into the world of makeup for men.  The journey’s going to be long, testing and transforming...you’re gonna love it!