The mid 90’s brought about a rise in the number of groups of men vacating to popular seaside towns in search of a little relaxation, beer and fun.  Whilst the trend certainly didn’t buckle around the turn of the century as more and more fellas enjoyed a weekend or two away in growingly popular European cities each year, as we sit here in 2013, are we beginning to see an altogether different kind of trend as young modern men get a little close to their feminine side?


Whilst we know that the popularity of male beauty treatments, products and procedures is rapidly gathering pace, no one could have expected the meteoric rise of male grooming weekends, as it appears as though more and more men are going the extra mile in their search for perfection.  Swapping the bright lights of Blackpool and the debaucheries of Prague, more and more men are fine tuning their needs and choosing to buddy up together for a weekend of skin treatments, makeup for men tutorials and even spa breaks.


Taking in a game on a Friday night down your local, followed by that standard trip to the kebab house on your way home now appears to be being gazumped with a bit of feet up face mask time, followed by an anti-oxidant enriched power meal.  As more gentlemen are turning up the volume on their skin’s health and even booking into health spa’s together for the ultimate in skin regeneration, should we be worried at the loss of the typically hard-nosed British man?


As the popularity of make-up for men, skin care products and general men’s beauty based treatments continue to booms, it’s not audacious to claim that in time, men all over the UK will begin to partake in typically feminine activities, sometimes dubbed ‘a girlie weekend’.  Whilst there may be a little more testosterone and rugby in the man version, the end goal remains very much the same and that is to look great, feel refreshed and appear more attractive.