In an industry where male cosmetics are beginning to stand up and be counted, given the relative inexperience of male makeup users, there are inevitably going to be a few faux pas along the way!  Right?  However, in a bid to help you avoid such problematic areas, MMUK MAN have decided to put up a few road blocks, to get your application well and truly on the straight and narrow.

Helping fellow gentlemen master the art of make-up with ten red hot DO NOT’s in the world of cosmetic wear and application, we hope you can find yourself fully reaping the rewards of products such as concealer, foundation and even bronzer, without attention being drawn in all the wrong ways.  If you’re new to the game, then read up on the top ten makeup mistakes made by men and if you’re still trying to conquer that masculine abiding look with cosmetics you have brought in the past, then there’s a few eyebrow raising techniques and mistakes which should definitely be avoided.

So let’s begin and find out how you can add an extra dose of subtlety to your makeup to really achieve that desired look.  Unless of course, you’re wanting to look like a vegas drag queen, please do carry on!

10 - Applying uneven amounts of men’s foundation.

You’d be surprised at the number of guys who have trouble with getting their foundation application even.  When applying, some guys will focus entirely on the clearly visible areas of their faces such as the cheeks and forehead.  However, in reality, the nooks and crannies of your face need just as much attention to ensure your foundation appears more even and more importantly undetectable.  With areas of your face which aren’t as easy to get to, showing you up, then it’s very much home time for the rest of your makeup, as onlookers eyes are naturally drawn to areas of unevenness.

To cure such a dilemma:  Dot five pea size amounts of foundation across your face before rubbing in evenly into each area.  Two on the forehead, one on each cheek and one on the chin normally does the trick.  For extra subtlety apply using a men’s foundation brush as they are particularly good at getting product into such areas, which may be missed by the flatness of your hand.

9 - Tide Marks

Tide marks refer to the end of makeup product on your face.  The so called break between such products as foundation and bronzer for men and your normal skin.  Most men have a tendency to end their makeup application at their chin bone and hairline, which often makes your makeup stick out like a sore thumb.

Fortunately fellas, the cure is one of the easiest you are going to get.  By applying just a little bit of product down the neck and into your hairline, you’re really going to be able to get your makeup methods off to the very best start.  Make it look more natural and avoid those dreaded tide marks with some great blending down the neck and even across the chest, if you are wearing a V-neck top that is.

9 - Getting the wrong colour.

Choosing the right colour of concealer and foundation may seem like a difficult task and unfortunately a lot of gentlemen get it completely wrong.  Fortunately you can go one or two shades lighter or darker than your current skin tone, which gives guys a lot of scope for makeup success.  However, get it wrong, and you may as well be wearing face paint.

The answer?  Ask a women in your life what shade would be most appropriate or send MMUK MAN in a photograph of yourself.  From here we can assess your skin tone with our makeup artists and offer a completely free consultation, including what tone would be just right for you.

7 - Failing to blend in concealer

Concealer for men, when done right, can be the most rewarding type of men’s makeup product.  Blend in well and common imperfections can be covered up effortlessly.  Blend in wrong, and all of your hard work can potentially be undone.  Dabbing on a concealer product such as MMUK MAN’s concealer pot for men, unfortunately gents, is just half the story.  Using a clean fingertip or a blending brush, don’t forget to work around the outside of your imperfection and ever so lightly blend the product in to the rest of your skin.  Blend it like Beckham and you will truly reap the rewards of natural makeup for men.

6 - Applying under artificial light.

It’s absolutely critical that men apply makeup under natural light with the artificial and yellow nature of your bathroom light causing all kind of problems.  The reason being that not only will the artificial light alter your skin’s pigmentation under these conditions, hence you apply different amounts of makeup to balance out your tone, but when it comes to stepping outside, you will see the true cost of applying makeup for men in a ‘lab’ environment.  Truth be told, many makeup artists believe that if you’re going to apply makeup under artificial light, you may as well apply it in the dark.

Whilst this can be damaging for concealer for men and foundation, it is particularly hazardous for men’s bronzing powders as you are naturally running the risk of them becoming detectable.  Remember to use a matte men’s bronzer and apply near a window.  Apply small amounts of product at a time and slowly build up your overall skin’s finish.

So gentlemen, that rounds off part one of our top 10 makeup mistakes made by men.  By avoiding these first five and getting your cosmetic application back onto the straight and narrow, you can truly see the benefits of natural male cosmetics.  For now, take extra care in application and take MMUK MAN’s first five tips on board.  We’ll be in touch soon with the remaining five as we throw you into the life of a fully fledged 21st century modern man.