With December fast approaching ladies and gentlemen, you'd be forgiven for starting to panic about those last minute gifts that you haven't managed to tick off the list.  However, this year, instead of making it the  latest DVD, men's fragrance or game, why not delve a little deeper into the world of gifts for men and choose a  high quality range of male makeup?  Give the gift of confidence this Christmas with some wonderful cosmetic products built specifically for him.

In today's men's makeup blog, we'd like to give you a brief run through of the top ten makeup for men products this Christmas, helping you to put your feet up without a care in the world come holiday season.  From foundation, concealer and manscara, right through to more specialist men's cosmetic treatments, MMUK MAN put the plan in place to give something very different, very rewarding and useful this year.

10. Calvin Klein Men’s Concealer
Up first is Calvin Klein's Male Concealer.  This under eye concealer for men is a brightening concealer, similar to that of YSL's Touche Eclat.  A powerful blender that rids men's under eyes of the appearance of dark circles,  eye bags and fine lines.  Give the gift of youth with one quick and easy application this Christmas, and allow him to beat those tired and hung-over looking eyes well into the new year.  Containing pigment highlighters and  light reflecting particles, this fast and effective concealer is the perfect stocking filler for the big day!

9. MMUK MAN's Brow Gel For Men
Brow gel for men is becoming more and more popular.  As bushy, unruly and adolescent brows begin to take over men's faces all over the UK, a simple and quick gel can bring them back to under that special man's grasp.  Coming in a selection of three colours, now is the time to allow that special man in your life to bring his style back to life in his ever growing pursuit of perfection.  Natural, slick and stylish, a great grooming tool for men!

8. MMUK MAN Men’s Makeup Base
At this time of year in particular, it's imperative to protect your skin.  The last thing that man in your life wants is to be covering up flaky and damaged skin.  Ideal for perfect, subtle and comfortable makeup for men wear, choose the power of MMUK MAN's skin primer.  A luxurious and soft velvety moisturiser that glides on effortlessly, perfect at tackling those winter and post-Christmas blues.  Hydrate the skin all day long with a powerful skin primer for men.

7. Taxi Man Guyliner
The original men's cosmetic hit, the Taxi Man Guyliner is perfect for the punk rocker, who wishes to stand out from the crowd!  This eye defining eye liner for men, works onto men's eyes effortlessly and really frames his eyes for a strong, powerful and captivating look.  For guys who don't want the subtlety of men's makeup and prefer to be a little more out there, choose Taxi Man if he's going to be rocking around the Christmas tree...literally!

6.  Calvin Klein Tinted Moisturiser
Approaching nearly half way now guys and girls and next is the turn of Calvin Klein's tinted moisturiser.  A smart and sophisticated present for men who are continually tackling the cold weather and whom want to add a little bit more colour to their complexion.  Arriving in three natural shades, CK's tinted moisturiser for men is applied easily and quickly to bring his complexion completely back to life!  Allow him to fight all manner of skin imperfections, including uneven skin tone, blemishes, paleness and dry skin with just one morning application.  A luxury men's tinted moisturiser that provides a post holiday type glow, when it comes to the party season, really give him the edge!

5. BRTC's Men's BB Cream
Often dubbed the men's cosmetic 'wonder product' this multifunctional male BB cream quite literally provides gentlemen with endless amounts of skin boosting capability.  Designed to treat and heal skin problems, including blemishes, spots, marks, acne and redness, the caring aspect of this wonder cream rejuvenates men's skin over a period of two months to reveal healthier, younger and a more revitalized look.  In the short term, things get even better as the concealing and revealing components seek to hide all manner of existing facial imperfection and intensely brightens men's skin for a clearer and more refined finish.  Fight fatigue and hide those confidence damaging skin issues with the BB cream for men, voted number 1 in MMUK MAN's recent poll.

4. MMUK MAN Bronzing Powder
When you want to fight off those grooming gremlins and pale skin is starting to take its toll, choose the power of MMUK MAN's bronzing powder for men.  This incredibly subtle and natural matte bronzer for men has been formulated with the finest of bronzing fibres to naturally sit on the skin for an unbelievable masculine look.  Allow him to add copious amounts of colour, whilst maintaining his machismo with the one of the best male bronzers about.  Using a quick dab with the bronzing brush, glide on just the amount of colour he wants across areas of the face which naturally catches the sun.

3. MMUK MAN Foundation For Men

When it comes to treating the special man this Christmas, why not choose a luxury men's foundation?  Perfect at evening skin tone, providing your skin with a blanket of colour and coverage and expertly fade away mild imperfection, there is simply no better product that MMUK MAN's liquid based men's foundation.  Applied off the back of his hand or using a male foundation brush, when applied evenly this men's foundation provides great coverage and is the perfect stepping stone to using other men's makeup products, such as concealer and bronzer.  Take a serious skin style upgrade and let Santa's little helpers here at MMUK MAN take a worry of both his and your mind as the holiday season get's well and truly under way.


2. MMUK MAN's Concealer Stick For Men

Voted the best men's concealer of 2013, this concealer for men certainly does it like no other!  Covering up all manner of mild, moderate and severe imperfections, this powerful and easy to blend concealer makes light work of revealing a fresh and invigorated complexion when he needs it most.  Christmas and new year parties are just the beginning for this nifty little present, perfect as a stocking filler or brought as part of a kit.

1. MMUK MAN Ultimate Cover Up Kit
Encompassing four of the top ten Christmas makeup for men gifts, this luxury men's cosmetic kit provides a complete makeup range to seriously shake down those grooming blues.  Heal, conceal and reveal fresher and more perfect skin with this luxury kit.  Encased in a smart and sophisticated Leather MMUK MAN etched case, subtlety is key when it comes to what's waiting under the tree for him this Christmas.  Perfect for men on the go, allow him to look good for a busy meeting, special event or a big party with a little help from the cosmetic experts.  The best Christmas gift for men this year, offer something stylish, different and very unique this Christmas.

So ladies and gentlemen, there you have it!  Whether you're buying for your brother, son, partner or friend, it’s sure to be a very memorable Christmas in the household's of men who will be opening the best gifts from MMUK MAN this year.  Wrap well, enjoy the holiday season with your family and stay safe as we all bring in 2014 in style!...Enjoy!