Hi chaps!  I've been asked to write a review on the newly re-stocked range of W7 makeup for men at MMUK MAN.  The range as a whole resides on the cheaper scale of ordinary male makeup, but I was determined to not let that sway my decision, in judging this very popular range of cosmetics.  The range offers 6 products for men that on paper cover practically the whole scope of cosmetic product any man would ever want to wear.  Offering a brightening concealer to tackle dark circles, a tinted moisturiser for a fresh healthy glow and even an eyeliner, to define those tired looking eyes.  If that wasn't enough, there are also two foundations available and a mascara for men, again, aimed at improving the eye area.

The first thing I'd say is that the range doesn't necessary look the manliest, which granted, isn't a necessity, but there are other ranges out there that look more stylish, but they do often come with a hefty price tag.  Not badly designed, simple and sleek.  However, if you're paying in the realms of £6.00 for a product, are you really going to worry about how it looks in the bottle?

W7 Brightening Concealer

W7 Concealer For Men
The brightening concealer, I found, worked really well for me, as a guy, relatively aware of men's makeup.  I originally brought it with the hope of covering blemishes, but I quickly came to realise that the Eclat style was really only meant for brightening the eye contour.  I did notice my eyes looking less bulky and heavy and my hereditary dark circles, did in fact, appear more reduced.  Ten to fifteen clicks of the top of this concealer for men, and you're well on your way to improving your look.  I've tried a couple of other men's concealers, specifically for the eyes and this by far is the most value for money!  Some cost in the realms of £20 to £30 and the benefits offered by these, compared to W7, aren't really justified in the price.

W7 Tinted Moisturiser

I've always been sceptical of men’s tinted moisturiser.  However, can honestly say I was quite impressed with W7's.  It looked fairly natural and really only began to fade late in the afternoon or evening, especially If I had a busy day.  The colour I bought 'nude' suited my skin type really well as I am fair skinned, and it did seem to refine my complexion.  Blemishes and marks appeared more reduced and the hint of colour gave my skin a nice healthy glow.  It was lightweight and quick absorbing, so I couldn't really ask for more. As a whole, I'd say the moisturiser with tan is very good value at just £5 and will last at least six weeks with daily use!

W7 Eyeliner For Men

I've never really delved into the world of eyeliner for men, or 'guyliner' as it's sometimes called.  I've always thought it really difficult to apply and makes me look like a drag queen.  Taxi Man's - I have used with some success over the years, but for the cheap price, I thought I'd give it a go.  To be quite honest - it didn't work for me!  It smudged, it didn't look natural and my eyes were almost too defined.  Maybe it's the way I've been applying it?  But, for me, eye makeup for men doesn't really cut it.  However, what I would say is for the price (£2) - it's probably worth having a punt to see if you can master such a product.


W7 Foundation For Men (Photo Shoot)

W7 Mens FoundationI was a huge fan of this liquid based men's foundation!  At first, I thought the 16 hour tag line was a little over optimistic, but it certainly held and only started to look less subtle late on.  For £6, I have to say, I was really impressed.  My skin tone appeared more even and for the first time, I could look in a mirror without being afraid of getting closer, for the horror of blemish riddled skin.  Overall, although this foundation for men didn't completely cover my blemishes, it gave me a healthier looking complexion and certainly reduced their appearance.


Choosing a colour was nice and easy too with the helpful colour chart.  I’ve always been worried about how to match skin to foundation but the colours on offer (I bought two to be sure) looked really natural - not like some makeup I’ve brought in the past, originally designed for women.  It's a stylish and simple product that doesn't cost the earth.  Of course, there's going to be better out there, but it's perfect if you're keen to keep an eye on the bank balance.


W7 Flawless Magic Men's Foundation

The Flawless Magic foundation is somewhat strange.  I've read up on cream to powder based men's foundationsm but using the application sponge to apply it, for me, just felt a little strange.  It felt a little too feminine and the results I got from it, weren't as good or as natural as the photo shoot foundation.  Maybe I got it wrong?  But, I wouldn't buy it again.  There were fewer shades to choose from, unlike 5 in the previous, which automatically made it harder to choose a colour.  For gents well rehearsed in such a men's makeup type, it would probably be worth taking a gamble, but it's not completely for me.

Overall, I'd give the range a 7 out of 10!  Affordable, practical and relatively subtle, providing you don't go over the top!  It's not the most stylish and some of the products can be hit and miss, but for perfect practice whilst you get used to men's cosmetics, it's definitely worth a try. MMUK MAN have offered the products as part of a cheap men's makeup kit, which costs just £20, perfect if you don't want to outlay loads of money at first.  For £20, great value!!  If you liked this review, be sure to follow my own personal men's beauty and makeup blog!

Thanks chaps!
Peter Walsh - Men’s Makeup Expert.