‘Men + Make-up' is a sum you'll hardly see. Sure, it's not surprising that your maths teacher didn't whip that one out mid algebra, but it's rarely shouted about in L'Oreal ad campaigns either.

So you can't blame the majority for solving the mathematical problem with 'not heterosexual' ...at first. Thus, the common myth becomes: men + make-up = not straight.

How wrong that is.

With the uprise of the ''Indie look'' - you know the one, drainpipe skinny jeans, chequered shirts and trilbies - comes a healthy dose of make-up.

Don't believe me? Grab yourself a copy of any glossy monthly mag (Personally, I recommend *Cosmopolitan*) Flick it open to papped shots of Russell Brand, Robbie Williams or my personal fave, Mr Jonny Depp.

Now look, really look, at their faces.

It would be wonderful if they were just born lush, but they're not. Girls often wish to be looking deep into the eyes of these men, to caress their skin or kiss their lips and - along with a million soon-to-be-mine fantasies - we'd also find guyliner, foundation and concealer.

Do we care? No. When the package is this pretty, we really don't.

And, whatever helps make it prettier, let it come lathering in.