I've heard for years now, just how bad picking spots can be for your skin's health and appearance.  But, why is it so bad?  Is it just a notion? and more importantly, will doing so effect the performance of my makeup for men products like concealer?

I decided to do a little research on the topic in hand and find out, if this popular conception was true and if so, just what is it about picking spots that is so damaging?

So here’s my findings...

The first thing I would say is the swelling of the skin around your spot and the redness of the spot itself intensifies after you’ve picked it, we all know that to be true.  Swollen and inflamed skin is much harder to cover naturally than just a one off pimple, so first things first gents - cut it out!  Swollen and damaged skin also makes your skin rough, meaning when you do deploy the likes of foundation and concealer for men, it can sometimes look a little uneven, especially if you opt for cheaper brands.

Secondly, don't forget about unnecessary scaring.  Picking spots and pimples significantly increases the chances of permanent scaring, meaning in the long run, men's makeup products inevitably end up having to do more work for the same success.  The process will also unfortunately become longer and risk of your cover being blown increases significantly too.  No one wants a scar riddled complexion and rough skin, so don't let your spots come out on top.

In this world of such fine lines between success and failure, timing is everything!  Research shows that a picked spot takes up to three times longer to disappear from the face against a left alone imperfection.  The key here is to resist temptation and avoid picking at all costs guys, and your skin will inevitably end up thanking you for it.  Get flawless skin quicker by leaving those lingering blighters alone, so you can get back up to scratch even quicker.  I know how hard that is to do in reality, but it’s well worth a shot.

Picking and bursting spots inevitably ends up in more of your pores being blocked with bacteria and oil from the original defect and your fingers respectively.  Stop the spread of infection and leave your pores cleaner for longer...simple!  Finally chaps, as good as male cosmetics are at covering up imperfections, scabs, damaged skin and sore spots can only be covered up a certain amount.  The more pressure you put your skin under, the more strain is placed on your cosmetics to cover them up, so to combat this, it's always a good option to follow a good cleansing and toning regime.

The key here is to follow and strike the perfect balance between skin care for men and male makeup.  Doing so, will improve your skin's natural performance in the first instance and reduce the pressure placed on your makeup products in the second.  Get the balance just right and come home laughing at the end of each and every day.  Sometimes gents, you'll do it without even noticing, so, tell someone who's with you a lot to tell you off if you’re caught picking and after a while, you'll get used to steering clear of irritation.