With the holiday season well and truly in the swing, the guys here at MMUK MAN thought we'd put a little piece together on the best men's makeup products to wear whilst sunning yourself up abroad.  Typically, men use a lot less makeup product in the summer, owing mainly down to the fact that they don't want to feel dragged down by too many products and allow their skin to clog in these raised temperatures.  And gentlemen, you've guessed it, when you're on holiday - it's no different.


The whole essence of a holiday grooming routine should be based around it being quick, fuss free and effective and when it comes to male cosmetics, it's certainly no different.  Remember to always apply your products after sun cream and take a handful of the below products on board, to ensure you're looking pro whilst on the beach, in the pool or dancing the night away.


A little men's tinted moisturiser will do a great job at boosting your existing tan and the moisturising properties they offer will keep your skin well and truly hydrated.  We recommend either Henri Lloyd's version or MYEGO's Fonteint to achieve the very best results with minimal hassle.  A good quality tinted moisturiser will make your face appear even, more toned and fresh, a perfect tonic to your skin if you’ve been out in the sun all day long.


You may find yourself struggling with the odd imperfection whilst on holiday.  Greasy food, excessive drinking and pool water can often result in troubled skin causing you havoc, so to counteract this, a concealer for men is definitely something to deploy.
Choose a male concealer that is one or two shades darker than your pre holiday skin tone, and remember to never apply too much.  A little bit goes a long way gents, and such a product will do a fabulous job at hiding those troublesome areas instantly.


Finally, a little bit of clear brow gel will certainly enhance your eyes with a nice easy application.  Looking well groomed and healthy on holiday is half of what it's all about and a men's brow gel will take you a long way towards achieving it.  Choose a clear version as your brows will typically lighten in the sun and such a product will simply enhance what you already have, whilst controlling unruly and hard to manage brows.


With three simple steps guys, you now have the ability to totally transform your appearance.  Whether you're dancing with those sexy senoritas or wanting to look good for your partner, makeup for men can certainly take you far, whilst enjoying a week or two catching some serious rays.  Remember to not make your grooming routine too intense and stay well protected with sun cream and it will be all systems go when it comes to the performance of your male cosmetics.