Here at MMUK MAN, we get a lot of enquiries from men, asking which products they should include in their men’s makeup bag. With over 30 products in the MMUK MAN range of makeup alone, you’d be forgiven for feeling a little lost, especially as a beginner. In this week’s blog, we’ve decided to take it back to basics, for the average man just getting interested in cosmetics, as we seek to build the perfect personal collection that will prove to be the foundation to any responsible, healthy and natural looking male grooming regime.

First off, we’d recommend starting with a skin primer for men. A clear solution that can be used instead of a standard face moisturizer, such a skin primer really starts your makeup wear off right, by making it stay in place all day long, look more natural and most importantly, protect the skin. Next in your bag, comes a men’s foundation of your choosing. Most guys tend to go for a liquid based foundation, although if you have oily skin, it is well worth looking at a matte finish, cream to powder alternative.

Up next is an absolute must have! A cream based concealer for men is perfect for blurring away any lingering imperfection on your skin and can be blended in with an appropriate blending brush. Matching your skin perfectly, a concealer of this type can be used on your face and under the eyes to camouflage the likes of eye bags and dark circles. Most concealers come in a stick form, but MMUK MAN do a great range of pots and applicator pens, with any of them giving just the right effect.

An appropriate highlighter would come next to give a fresh blanket of coverage and a brightening element to your face, whilst a bronzing powder can be used next, if you’re looking for a healthy sun kissed glow. Some guys, aren’t a fan of the overly bronzed look and for the best makeup without makeup look, a translucent anti shine powder is a very worthwhile option, to bring your entire cosmetic look together.

Finally, a clear mascara and brow gel prove to be the perfect duo in bringing your eyes back to life in the most subtle and natural of ways. Applied evenly to your lashes and brows, wake up your eyes in a quick hit and look one step above the rest, all day long.

So gents, with six products, you are really able to build the perfect makeup for men bag and with a few practices in the above order, you’ll soon be making it work like a pro. Most selections should also include a foundation, bronzer and blending brush, which are a very valuable investment for any guy wishing to get in on the act of cosmetics.