When asked for the motives behind men wearing makeup, most guys would say simply to look good...right?

So, why does this growing collection of men want to look so good?  To desperately cling onto their youth perhaps?  To cover up a wide array of imperfections associated with youth even?  Truthfully guys, although looking perfect sounds perfect, here at MMUK MAN, the UK’s number one male makeup retailer, we think the most important reason why men even contemplate the use of makeup is because of one thing and one thing only - women!

The term ‘sex sells’ has been widely refereed to in modern day society.  But when you peel it back a layer or two, you will begin to see for yourself the very real uprise in a wide array of markets, geared towards making men look great and ultimately more sexually attractive. 

No!  It shouldn’t be frowned upon for a modern day man to be seen as ‘sexy’ and to prove it, Makeup For Men UK have decided to shake up the market with a few useful facts for every man (and women) out there.

63% of women believe subtle mens makeup is far more attractive than no makeup at all.

37% of women confirmed that their partners or brothers ‘regularly’ borrow their cosmetics.

79% of women who found makeup attractive on men agree that foundation, concealer and bronzer are as far as any man should take it.

A staggering 98% of the 1,000 women MMUK MAN asked, whom approved the use of mens makeup would buy the special men in their lives a cosmetic gift for their Birthday or at Christmas.  

Reading between the lines of these key cosmetic facts ladies and gentlemen.  It is clear that the uprise in the popularity of mens makeup is no coincidence.  The sheer willingness of Britain’s new man to look good along with women’s ever growing acceptance towards the topic in hand are proving to fuel the flames of this relatively new global market.

Improve your chances with the ladies with the help of mens cosmetics.  After all fellas, surely it’s just a game of two halves?