It may be a phenomenon that’s growing ever present in the lives of Britain’s modern man, but would buying your fella the likes of concealer, foundation or even manscara for Valentine’s Day go down at all well?


Would he see it as a joke?  Or perhaps, perceive it as you having a dig at his complexion?


Despite ladies, your natural instinct residing with a  monumental ‘YES!’ to the above, the truth is, with a little less haste and a little touch up, your man’s dream look could be dealt a huge dose of reality this February 14th.  


If however, you don’t think your man’s grooming habits should basque between the blurred lines of shaving and blusher brushes, I guess it’s going to have to be a trick that he picks up on his own, as the power of men’s cosmetics goes from strength to strength throughout 2014.


On the other hand, if you’re tired of catching the Mr in your makeup bag, in search of a little perfection, then the masculine products on offer, for example at MMUK MAN, Britain’s largest makeup for men brand, could just become your banker for some serious brownie points this Valentine’s Day.


We all inevitably have our own ideas on the type of guy who wears makeup.  Guys in touch with their feminine side, those who love a little bit of the limelight, or even performers may even make it onto that list.  But, what if I told you it was in fact, somewhere between the average Joe and vein straight guy where the epicenter of demand for men’s makeup is rapidly spiraling from?


The simple fact remains that when done right, makeup for men can be a huge success.  With the biggest factor being it’s ability to look subtle and undetectable, brands such as MMUK MAN have fine tuned their formulas to give scope to guys who wish to master with the likes of bronzer, BB cream and even guyliner.


With a huge slice of the motives behind men wearing cosmetics being man’s growing desire to cover up imperfections, even skin tone and add some healthy colour, it could certainly be a Valentine’s to remember for that special guy in your life.  Give the gift of confidence and make your hubby even easier on the eye with just a little touch up going a hell of a long way.


So ladies, with the bare facts laid out on a platter, would you encourage your man to feast on the expertise of cosmetics?  Make it an extra special day for you both and get the worry of finding a great Valentine’s gift for him completely off your shoulders with men’s makeup.