A report in Canada this week revealed that an increasing number of men are turning to the likes of foundation, bb cream and even guy-liner to attract the opposite sex.  Completely re-writing the history books on male makeup being solely for gay men, there now appears to be no shame in being vain when it comes to increasing your chances of success between the sheets.


The report concluded that a staggering 7 out of 10 men would opt to use a men’s concealer to fight away those embarrassing skin imperfections, such as spots and blemishes, whilst 3 out of 10 confessed to going as far as using foundation for men to perfect skin tone and improve their overall complexions.


With 18% of men using male eye cosmetics, such as manscara, guyliner and even brow gel, it’s these areas that look set to grow stronger as the world’s fascination with male grooming quickly takes a stranglehold.


Would you wear makeup for men on a night out?  Perhaps for a big date?  The fact remains guys that a little touch up is appearing to take more and more men a long way, when it comes to bagging themselves a sexy senorita.


With the likes of concealer for men, anti shine powder and bronzer on offer at MMUK MAN, now is your chance to get in on the action!


Whilst on paper the reports findings look fantastic with the whole male makeup community set to explode, it is worth taking a couple of bits of valuable advice on board chaps.


Firstly, your products should never look unnatural, make sure you choose the right cosmetic tone and if you are not sure, do not hesitate to ask one of our experts at the contact us page.  Secondly, never over do it.  You don’t wanna spend Saturday night looking like a drag queen.  Stick to a couple of products and slowly get to know how they can benefit you.


For now guys, good luck, and remember!  Don’t forget your concealer when it comes to staying up all night to get lucky!