Nothing beats the healthy glow given by a men’s tinted moisturiser. Whether you’re completely new to this type of men’s cosmetic product, or well rehearsed in the use of them and their abilities - it’s very easy to implement one into your grooming routine. Providing your skin with a blast of hydration, as well as natural enhancement, these subtle and effective bathroom snipers allow you to put your best face forward each and every day. You may even be using a men’s foundation, but looking for something a little lighter in the coverage department. If this is sounding familiar, here’s why you should consider switching to a tinted moisturiser for men.

Should I choose a foundation or tinted moisturiser?

If your skin is relatively blemish-free but sometimes slightly on the dry side, then it’s definitely worth choosing a tinted moisturiser over a foundation. As tinted moisturiser coverage is a lot lighter and tends to focus on hydrating the skin whilst blanketing the face in natural coverage, you’re really able to achieve a subtle finish, regardless of your experience with male makeup. However, if your skin tone tends to be quite uneven and you’re continually fighting breakouts - a men’s foundation should definitely be considered. Men’s foundation has heavier coverage than a tinted moisturiser and focuses on adding coverage pigments to the skin to improve its appearance.

How Do I Use Tinted Moisturiser

If you’re looking to blend it like Beckham and really make the most of men’s tinted moisturiser, follow the simple steps below, guaranteed to give you a champion look this winter.


One of the building blocks to a great looking complexion is facial cleanser. Cleansers effectively remove dirt and impurities from deep within the skin and balance your skin’s natural PH levels, in turn, supporting its inbuilt defence mechanisms against environmental debris. Facial cleansing is also an important step to improving skin tone and texture, prior to the application of tinted moisturiser.


Now you’re a cleansing king - it’s time to tone your skin, which glides away any remaining impurities, along with resizing your skin’s pores. Again, this is a crucial step to your skin looking even in texture, as a good quality face toner will help build the perfect blank canvas that can be built upon with tinted moisturiser.


It’s at this stage where you may wish to blend a little concealer over any prominent spots on your face, or those confidence damaging dark circles you’ve been trying to get rid of for months. Apply a little concealer over any blemishes and under your eyes and blend in gently using a blending brush.

The Application

Now, it’s finally time to apply your tinted moisturiser. Apply a small amount to an oblong sponge and begin applying it lightly to your face. Starting at the centre of each section and gradually working the sponge outwards, you’ll quickly see your skin tone enhance whilst your complexion still remains subtle. Start with your forehead, before moving down your face and don’t forget to apply a little into your hairline and down your neck, to achieve excellent blending and subtlety.

A Little Tip From The Expert:

If you have facial hair, applying tinted moisturiser to it can prove problematic. To conquer this makeup for men conundrum, simply dab the sponge directly onto your facial hair at a 90 degree angle. Don’t use a swiping motion as this will cause product to get caught up in your hair, which can easily look a mess.

The Best Tinted Moisturisers 2019

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