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Calvin Klein Black Manscara

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Calvin Klein Black Mascara For Men

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Calvin Klein! It secretly spells high quality, professional mens makeup. This has never been more true when it comes to this Calvin Klein Mens Black Manscara. A thickening, volumizing and defining mascara specifically for mens eye lashes which combines affordability, a long lasting and perfect finish; a perfect partner if you're looking for great eye makeup for men.

Calvin Klein's True Lustre Lengthening Manscara comes in brown or black. The brown being designed for a man who wishes to ensure subtlety, masculinity and professionalism. However, this black manscara provides your eyes with strikingly long eye lashes, which can be smudged for a deeper, darker and more goth like look if you wish it to.

This makeup for men product was built with men in mind. Quick and easy application combines with an expert finish formula ensuring no clumping and smudging if not desired. Buy a great manscara now and ensure your eyes are ready to look their best whether you're attending a gig, prepping for a big night out or even just wishing to redefine your eyes and give your eye lashes more shape and definition on a day to day basis. Makeup for men is becoming more acceptable: Foundation, concealer, guyliner and manscara are the four products leading the way in the market and this mens manscara certainly doesn't disappoint when it comes to the mens makeup stakes. Allow mmuk to redefine your look and cast yourself into a whole new world of masculinity and sex appeal.

Size 7ml