Christian Acuña Eye Serum For Men

Expert Men’s Eye Revive Serum
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Take control, regain your masculinity and say goodbye to a range of eye contour issues with Christian Acuña's Organic Eye Serum For Men.  This expert men’s eye revive serum wonderfully counteracts the most troublesome eye imperfections and sensationally ignites the performance of a wide range of eye makeup for men products, including men’s concealers, guyliner and manscara.  

No longer do you have to go solo in the potential maze of male cosmetics.  Take a step back and trust the talented, innovative and specialist treatment upheld in the dedicated and revolutionary Christian Acuña range.  

With one quick and easy application twice per day, including prior to your eye makeup for men morning application, this product should be part of your grooming routine. You now have the tool of the trade; designed and formulated for your eyes only.  

This Christian Acuña Eye Serum For Men tackles and removes the three most popular imperfections experienced by men, as voted for in a recent Men’s Health online survey.  Namely, dark circles, deep set puffy eye bags and wrinkles.  A soothing and combative gel takes control of your contours with its exclusive antioxidants embedded into a patented and top secret formula.  

For an unparalleled eye makeup for men experience and a premium, fresh, youthful and invigorated finish, look no further than the organic treatments created by Christian Acuna.  

The appearance of fatigued and tired eyes is faded into the background with such a revolutionary male eye serum.  By offering optimal moisturisation and superior protection to the thinner under eye layers of your skin, tiredness is alleviated by the targeted firmness of your under eye area.  

Allow the weight of the world to no longer fall upon your eyes.  With the help of Chamomile Roman, clinically proven to repair broken capillaries whilst simultaneously intensely soothing inflamed and sensitive skin.  Both effects combine to remove the appearance of dark circles and puffy, inflamed bags.

Lavender extract perfects sebaceous activity to provide optimal oil level within the outer layer skin surface of your contours.  This, coupled with supporting the regeneration of skin cells, creates the captivating illusion of a fresher and vitalized eye region. 

Slowly apply a light finger tip amount to your contours in a circular effect.  Rub in for 20-40 seconds and allow to settle for 2-3 minutes before applying eye makeup for men products and other anti wrinkle male cosmetics.

Size - 20ml

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