Christian Acuña Face Mask For Men

Organic Deep Purifying Mens Face Mask
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Gentlemen, it’s finally here, the world renowned exclusive formula hidden within Christian Acuña's Purifying Face Mask For Men.  With the sudden rise of male cosmetics over the past decade comes a series of products raising the eyebrows of even the most ardent male grooming guru, namely men’s face masks.  Whether you’re looking for instant refreshment, an impeccable complexion or vying to improve the performance of your makeup for men; look no further than this organic face mask for men showcasing some very smooth tricks.

Apply once or twice per week and enjoy the benefits of this pre-makeup for men master class and experience an at home skin care formula, which even the most luxurious spa couldn’t better.  How is this achieved?  You may ask.  This product, as part of the exclusive Christian Acuna range was formulated by an industry leading technician whom has dedicated his life to the male grooming world.  Christian Acuña certainly knows what you want and need when it comes to men’s makeup and skincare, and with the assistance of Makeup For Men UK, you need not wait any longer for that perfectly fresh finish.

Purify, detox and nourish your skin instantly with one 30-40 minute application of this clay face mask for men.  Clean and rid your skin of fatigue causing debris and long term damaging impurities, which in turn promotes a fresher, youthful and more masculine glow.  This expert men’s face mask upholds patented core organic ingredients to minimise pores, encourage firmness and improve your skins elasticity, for an optimal look.  Outweigh the competition with, what we believe, is Christian Acuña's Purifying Face Mask’s most paramount speciality.  Unlike other face masks, designed to simply renew your skin’s performance, this specialist face mask’s blend of unique properties actively encourage skin cell regeneration, meaning that as opposed to tackling the 7 key signs of ageing, you now have the ability to roll back the years with continual regular use.

Treat yourself to the power of youth and a boost in confidence with an oil controlling male face mask designed for all skin types.  Even more perfect for those with dry and sensitive skin thanks to its white clay content which cleanses, exfoliates, moisturises and finally conditions the skin.  However, for the gentlemen with oilier imperfection prone skin, we’re not quite leaving you out:  A delicate array of witch hazel upholds soothing and antiseptic elements which tones, stimulates and tackles inflammation of the skin.  Say a fond farewell to redness, blotchiness and premature aging assisted with the inclusion of Vitamin E in this face mask for exclusive gentlemen. 

Apply to pre-washed skin once or twice per week using your fingertips.  Allow a healthy amount to dry onto your face for 30 to 40 minutes before washing off with plain warm water and/or a flannel.

Size - 30ml

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