Christian Acuña Mens Anti-Ageing Eye Cream

Exclusive Anti-Ageing Eye Repair Serum For Men
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Revolutionary, breathtaking, and beyond belief describe Christian Acuña's Extreme Anti-Ageing Eye Repair Cream.  With grooming plaudits all over the world running out of superlatives for this potent, fast acting repair cream, you now, with the assistance of Makeup For Men UK, have the insider secret to never looking your age again.

Roll back the years with a truly professional eye serum brought to you by the organic supplements built within the entire Christian Acuña range.  Designed and formulated for exclusive gentlemen, this eye repair cream serum tackles your under eye skin which is ten times thinner than the rest of your facial skin.  

All too often, harsh environmental toxins and impurities and the stresses of business take their toll on the underneath area of your eyes; dark circles appear along with puffy eye bags and wrinkles.  Whilst other eye serums for men and anti ageing male cosmetics tackle the signs and offer protection to your eye contours for the further break down of these areas, Christian Acuna’s Extreme Eye Repair does something totally different, justifying it’s exclusive price tag.

Collagen renewal and skin cell regeneration is actively pursued, generated and prolonged with the regular use of this men’s eye repair serum cream.  The most popular type of client expressing an interest in such a revolutionary product is a male searching for that youthful, fresh and revitalized facial appearance.  For men facing hard tactical business decisions day in day out, it’s time to take your grooming tactics to a whole new level.  

Inspired and developed by a dedicated team of dermatologists and skin care experts, this eye serum cream for men will drastically remove the appearance of dark circles, puffiness and under eye wrinkles.  By firming the skin and generating skin cell reproduction with regular application, you can now claim back your youthful appearance and fresh faced finish; a look every modern man craves.  

Fine dehydration lines and broken capillaries are two of the biggest factors promoting the appearance of dark circles and fine wrinkles respectively.  Christian Acuna’s Anti-Ageing Eye Repair quite literally repairs these two key factors before your very eyes, assisting further to a more masculine and defined contour region.

With a top-secret approved soothing formula offering ultimate hydration and nourishment to your under eye areas, you can drastically enhance the performance of your existing makeup for men products, including concealers for men, guyliner and manscara.  Should mens eye makeup be your forte, you, with the superior performance of this male cosmetic product, now have the ability and product to turn lifeless, fatigued and tired looking eyes into defined smoldering contours of success.  Look no further!

Size - 15ml

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