MMUK MAN The Morning After Rescue Kit

MMUK MAN The Morning After Rescue Kit

MMUK MAN The Combination Code Kit

MMUK MAN The Combination Code Kit

MMUK MAN The Dry Skin Saviours Set

Luxury Skin Care Kit For Men
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This 4 part kit aids in the recovery and prevention to dry skin. Super nourishing and hydrating products to allow your skin to be better equipped for moisture loss and natural aggressors. Inside you'll find:

Duty Thirst Intensive Moisturiser - (30ml)

Target for those with dry and taut skin, this shine free solution will provide instantaneous comfort upon application. It helps to remove tightness and any soreness in the epidermis. It's formula is infused with Vit E, Copper Peptides, Avocado and Jojaba Oils. It's creamy formula is soothing and reduces inflammation and redness from dehydration in the skin. Hyaluronic Acid helps it navigate in your skin better for deeper nourishment and longer lasting results. Your skin will be left remarkably different from just the first application. Signs of wrinkles and fine lines are reduced and you'll find your skin feels more energised and more supple to the touch.

Power Wash Cleansing Gel - (120ml)

MMUKman's enriched vitamin based formula, removes dirt, debris and build ups deep within the skin. Your skin will be left cleansed and feeling firmer and blemish free. Essential fatty acids help to stimulate skin cell performance. The formula is suitable for all skin types and it will help to regenerate skin cells. This daily wash provides anti-fatigue and a recharged outlook for you and your skin.

Icy Cool Eye Rescue Formula - (30ml)

Targeting the area under your eyes which has the thinnest layers of skin across your whole face. This cooling formula soothes and calms and helps to de-puff, and disperse the natural appearances of dark circles and bags. Its patented formula is energising and revitalising and helps to stimulate the skin where application was used. It forms and tightening and firming effect to the skin, whilst moisturising and providing deep nourishment. Ruscus Root is used to help with the stimulating process as a powerful root extract. The lightweight formula melts instantly into your skin to combat fine lines and wrinkles. It's quickly absorbed and the area will be left without any residue or greasiness. Bring back your younger years and bouncier complexion with MMUKmans premium, eye contour, lifting and rescuing formula.

Daily Defence SPF 55 Sunscreen - (60ml)

Luxury formula for high protection against UV rays and sun damage to the skin. This lightweight and non-oily/greasy application, is quick absorbing and provides long lasting protection. It has a rich Aloe Vera base which provides plant stem cell, healing and soothing properties to your own skin. This safeguard formula gives you additional options due to its lightweight solution to build onto it with other grooming products you have lined up. It's fast drying and allows for superior full protective coverage.

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