MMUK MAN The Perfect Shave Kit

MMUK MAN The Perfect Shave Kit

MMUK MAN The Morning After Rescue Kit

MMUK MAN The Morning After Rescue Kit

MMUK MAN The Marvellous Beard Box

Ultimate Beard Grooming Kit
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This set was created to give your beard a noticeable change. Our experts have chosen these 3 products to maximise your beards potential. Your beard will be spoilt for choice as it feels super nourished, softer, stronger and better maintained. Inside the kit you'll find:

Classic Beard Oil - (30ml)

For a deeper and even more nourished beard, chose a beard oil that gives you all this and more. MMUKman have selected only the finest ingredients that maximise the condition and health of your hair and skin underneath your beard. Oils rich in different consistency's, to provide you with a formula that is like no-other, it will increase the protection and hydration in your skin soften your hair right down to the root. Overtime your wiry beard will feeling soft and gentle to touch. Packed inside the formula you'll find a blending of many naturally occurring and extracted oils, Argan, Olive, Jojaba, Coconut, Grape, Linseed, Avocado and Matricaria. Double duty protection to help give you longer and stronger hair and increase its overall health.

Razor Remedy - (120ml)

Provide your beard with the ultimate remedy for shaving. MMUKman's premium formula is patented to increase comfort and discourage irritation, razor burn and bumps, often caused by shaving. It provides action to negate in-grown hairs and help keep your face looking fresh and soft to the touch. It's lightweight formula is non-greasy or sticky and fast absorbing and helps to heal any affected epidermis, by actively treating it. It contains soothing Calendula and Liquorice extract which aids towards comfort and relief on your skin. Your skin will feel calm and in control and lightly refreshed too, with its added Lemon Peel extract.

Styling Beard Quenching Balm - (120ml)

Conditioning and rich nourishment are achieved with MMUKmans premium formula. Your hair can become dry and neglected during a grooming routine, so make sure apply this quenching balm to support your beards health. The lightweight formula is fantastic at holding moisture and locking it in to the hair and skin underneath your beard. Shea Butter and Jojaba Oil, protect against moisture loss and reverse the signs of flaking and drying out. The formula works by softening your hair down to the root, whilst providing it with definition and shine free style. Long lasting and all day coverage, that will prolong the nourishment and conditioning of you beard.

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