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MMUK MAN The Barber Shop Collection

MMUK MAN Beard and Brow Master Kit

MMUK MAN Beard and Brow Master Kit

MMUK MAN The Silver Fox Set

Premium Men’s Skin Care Kit
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For the more mature Gentlemen, this special set was created and hand selected by our experts at MMUKman. It will shower you in youthfulness and reverse the effects that occur naturally to your skin with aging. Inside you'll find our top products to ensure more healthier, younger looking skin.

Morning After Rescue Gel - (30ml)

This premium formula is a gel like moisturiser for the modern day man. A super quick and lightweight solution, that provides long-lasting moisturising. The gel is stimulating to the face and actively works with your skin cells to firm and soothe the skin. It is an energy boosting formula with added caffeine, to give you a fresh and tingly sensation, leaving you with no residue on the skin. It is ideal for both acne and blemish prone skin by rebalancing the skins natural pH levels and ensuring that no excess oil is able to be produced. It has taken our team months to perfect this amazing recovery gel and now it is ready for men of all types to use.

Duty First Intensive Moisturiser - (30ml)

This incredible and intensive moisturiser is for those who suffer with dry and taut skin. Providing you with instant comfortable relief and a shine free finish, it helps to remove tightness from the skin and any soreness in the epidermis. The formula reduces inflammation and redness and the skin is left remarkably different for the better. It fights fatigue and you are left with a more subtle complexion. Fine lines are reduced and wrinkles too with its premium formula. It is infused with Vitamin E, Copper Peptides, Avocado and Jojaba Oils and it's mixture with hyaluronic acid, which creates and gives us this creamy formula.

Youth Restore Peptide Serum - (30ml)

MMUKman's restoring serum is infused with the Seaweed, Multiple Peptides and Amino Acids. A Potent skin treatment for the mature gentleman and can be used daily up to 2x, morning and evening. It defends against natural ageing with a silky-liquid textured gel, which is quickly absorbed safeguarding your skin and leaving it toned, firmer and lifted. Peptides are crucial to human life and skin cell turnover, so this allows all three layers of the skin to communicate better and actively targets the stimulation process. Use the serum and then a moisturiser to give yourself full protection. Hydration Gel or Morning After Rescue Gel or Moisture Recharge by MMUKman are brilliant counterparts to use with this serum. The choice is really up to you.

Daily Defence SPF55 Sunscreen - (60ml)

This luxurious formula allows for high protection against UV rays and sunscreen damage to your skin. By providing a lightweight and non-oily or greasy barrier over your skin, which ultimately gives you sufficient moisture all day long. This rich Aloe Vera base nurtures a healing and soothing finish to your skin and it's fast drying and quick absorbing formula, allows for instant protection. A perfect option to use as a base before applying other grooming products on top of.

Liquid Shave Lather - (120ml)

This patented formula has been developed by MMUKman for the modern day gentleman. By providing moisture control and nourishment to the skin, this formula is perfect to use to give you maximum results. A liquid to rich and deep foaming lather allows for precision and effortless gliding with your razor, as you sculpt and remove your facial hair. It actively lifts the hairs off your face allowing for an easier shave, Its extracts which are botanically derived help to provide positive benefits against the aftermath of shaving. Inflammation and irritation will be calmed and soothed with the Camomile extract, Shea Butter is powerful at moisturising and locking in water to the skin. Calendula extract is taken from the flower head and used again for soothing and healing purposes and it is also used to help the splitting of skin to provide nourishment and aid in any inflammation that may occur and help towards to recovery of new skin forming. This premium formula has been created for all skin types and all types of facial hair and allows for maximum comfort and the sharpest precision in grooming.

Aftershave Cooling Tonic - (120ml)

MMUKman have created this gentle and powerful tonic to help with the setting of the skin after shaving. Engineered by a specialist formula that doesn't use any alcohols and uses plant-based extracts instead to firm and tone the skin for a more natural and healthier option to better skincare. Unlike more lower branded products on the market, that use alcohol to help set the skin ready for moisturising, we have derived our formula to be really natural and bring some goodness back into skincare products. Alcohols in skincare products however often dry out the skin later on in the day, causing itchiness and inflammation to occur, so best be an idea to avoid products with those on the label. This beautiful cooling tonic has an infusion of Aloe Vera extract, Barley Eucalyptus and Witch Hazel which cover all the bases. This leads to anti-inflammatory benefits, antibacterial, healing, soothing, clarification, a refreshed complexion and rebalancing of your skins pH. Your skin would then be set for the day, ready for your choice of moisturiser. Start the day right with this cooling toner to bring clarity into your skin and day.

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