MMUK MAN The Combination Code Kit

MMUK MAN The Combination Code Kit

MMUK MAN The Mega Kick Start Grooming Set

MMUK MAN The Mega Kick Start Grooming Set

MMUK MAN The Oil Control Champions Kit

Luxurious Men’s Grooming Gift
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This super set, will help you banish unnecessary excess oil, or 'sebum' from your skins. Not just the surface but from deeper in the epidermis. You'll be left with skin that is more clarified and mattified. Rebalance out your skin with these brilliant oil control champions:

Morning After Rescue Gel - (30ml)

This super gel gives you luxurious moisturising for the modern day gentlemen. It dries super quick and is lightweight in consistency. It provides super hydration without any heaviness or residue. A premium formula that is stimulating to the skin and works instantaneously. Formulated with hyaluronic Acid and Seaweed extract to mattify and combat sebum levels and reduce them. So it works perfectly with acne or blemish prone still also. It's added menthol cools to the touch and it reduces puffiness and revitalises the area around the eye. It's fresh and tingly and will help you out after a big night.

Daily Defence SPF55 Sunscreen - (60ml)

This gorgeous non-greasy and non-oily formula is the perfect option to provide you will high impact moisturising protection from the sun. With a SPF rating of 55, this luxury formula has been created to leave streak free and a shine free finish. It's rich Aloe Vera base is healing and soothing and fast absorbing. It dries within no time and provides your skin sufficient, aqua boosting moisture all day long. A perfect safeguard to be used on its on or as a base for any other grooming products to be built up on top.

Brutal Buffering Energising Scrub - (120ml)

Infused with a handful of botanical extracts, this scrub upon regular use with transform you and others will see your skin. Whilst it helps to dissolve and be rid of dead skin cells using its acids: Lactic, Salicylic and Mandelic, this helps to promote and stimulate newer skin cells to form and grow underneath. Perfect for smoother and more radiant looking skin. Its added Blue Sage, Citrus, Aloe Vera and Witch Hazel provide high antibacterial, healing, regenerative and energising properties to the skin. Helping with its appearance and touch. This scrub helps to remove clogged pores and excess oils/dirt. This product is used best with a moisturiser afterwards to lock in more hydration and safeguard your newer skin from drying out.

Power Wash Cleansing Gel - (120ml)

A powerful wash to help regenerate your skin cells, with its premium, vitamin enriched formula. Suitable for any skin type and leaves you feeling fatigue free and recharged. Vitamin A, C and E boost the skins performance and its essential fatty acids help to stimulate your skin cell performance. The cleanser will take away and clean your face from dirt, debris and any build ups from deep within your skin. A premium option MMUKman have created for its male consumers.

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