MMUK MAN The Oil Control Champions Kit

MMUK MAN The Oil Control Champions Kit

MMUK MAN The Barber Shop Collection

MMUK MAN The Barber Shop Collection

MMUK MAN The Mega Kick Start Grooming Set

Premium Quality Male Grooming Gift
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A premium package containing top of the market luxury grooming products to improve your grooming experience. Designed and engineered with formulas patented especially for male skin. MMUKman provides you with affordable luxury and a new best friend. This incredible set contains 10 beautifully created and presented products to expand your side of the shelf in the bathroom. Take exceptional care with these brilliant products that provide instantaneous results and overtime give you more subtle and younger, firmer skin.

Classic Beard Oil - (30ml)

Deep nourishment for your beard that provides long lasting protection from dehydration. Mixed with essential oils to form a safeguard that prolongs the life of your hair, MMUKman's luxury beard oil gives you naturally softer and less wiry facial hair. It locks in moisture from tip to root of each hair and follicle and nourishes the skin underneath to give you stronger and more durable hair overall. Argan, Olive, Grape, Linseed, Coconut, Avocado and Jojaba oils are among the list of essential botanical extracts used to formulate this incredibly smart and protective product. The consistency is lightweight and absorbs quickly to give you fast protection, allowing your to crack on with your day ahead. Upon regular use your beard with become softer and softer.

Duty Thirst Intensive Moisturiser - (30ml)

A shine free intensive moisturiser created for men who suffer from taut and dry skin. MMUKman's patented formula allows for the cream to seep through male skin which is considerably thicker in density. Instantly your skin will be relieved from any tightness and soreness found in your epidermis. It's creamy fast absorbing formula is created with: Vitamin E, rich Avocado, Copper Peptides, Hyaluronic Acid and Jojaba Oil. These all create a potent and smooth cream that helps to reduce fatigue, fine lines and wrinkles, whilst keeping your skin subtle and bouncy. Instantly comfortable and a life saver for those who usually use their hands a lot.

Youth Restore Peptide Serum - (30ml)

A handcrafted serum by MMUKman, formulated with multi-peptides, amino acids and seaweed. This powerhouse enriches mature skin, helping to reduce natural aging and the signs that come along with it. Giving your skin defences with its advanced formula, it tones, firms and lifts your face daily. A perfect base for a moisturiser to be used afterwards to increase and provide massive benefits to your skin. It's gel like silky liquid texture splashes against the skin for quick absorption, leaving it smooth and with no residue. Use this serum as part of a skincare routine for 6-10 weeks for considerably healthier and younger looking and feeling skin. It smartly helps the 3 layers of your skin to communicate better and that in turn will help to stimulate cell renewal, for fresher looking skin.

Daily Defence SPF55 Sunscreen - (60ml)

A fast drying and fast absorbing, lotion providing your skin with high defensive barriers and a safeguard from the suns aggressive UV rays. This high SPF sunscreen provides not only protection from the sun, but helps to keep your face from drying out. Locking in moisture and with it's potent and rich Aloe Vera base, naturally stimulates healing and soothing properties in your skin. Restoring it over the course of the day so no sun damage can cause any nasty effects to your skin. It's lightweight and non-greasy which gives you a streak-free finish. You won't be left looking chalky! Because of its consistency, it gives you the option to build upon it with other products, if you wish to do so.

Liquid Shave Lather - (120ml)

Beautifully engineered to rival the classic take on shaving creams, but providing more health benefits to your skin. MMUKman's Liquid Shave Lather is a better way to shave. It gives you effortless and a clean shave each time, whilst nourishing the skin for the day ahead. This premium formula is enriched with Shea Butter, Chamomile and Calendula extracts to provide soothing and calming protection to the skin as you lather it. The formula helps to actively lift the hairs on your face away from the skin, allowing for sharper precision and a easy and gentle shave. Any inflammation will be reduced and banished as the extracts sink into your skin. A remarkable shaving lather usable for any type of guy no matter how course and wiry his beard may be.

After Shave Cooling Tonic - (120ml)

A beautiful cooling tonic created by MMUKman to allow better setting and toning of the skin. Helping to rebalance the skins natural pH and infusing cooling, soothing and healing extracts to sink into your skin to provide massive benefits. Witch Hazel, Eucalyptus, Barley and Aloe Vera help to create this idea facial splash. Without using any alcohol that is often used in men's beauty products, which leads to the skin drying out and irritation. MMUKman have selected botanical extracts to mimic the setting of the skin, which provide positive benefactors to your skin. Feel confident knowing you'll not have itchy or dry skin after shaving and splashing your face with this tonic. It's antibacterial properties help to fight any early signs for breakouts, sometimes which occur after shaving. Your face will feel refreshed and clarified, and left ready for a moisturiser to boost any hydration.

Styling Beard Quenching Balm - (120ml)

Brilliant hydration and thirst-quenching moisturising give your beard the bounce back it needs. With Shea Butter and Jojaba Oil to lock in protection and keep the skin underneath your beard as well as your facial hair protected. Important for allowing your hair to grow stronger and longer, supporting the skin underneath has positive outcomes to your beard. You are given weightless definition and a shine free style, as the balm seeps into your hair and skin. A conditioned beard means no, flaking or itchiness which can cause inflammation and the breakage of skin.

Razor Remedy - (120ml)

Shaving can often lead to the irritation of skin. As you glide your blade across your face, no matter how effortless or smooth the shave is, you are applying pressure to the surface of your skin. If you were to zoom into the surface of your skin, you notice it resembles the look of the Grand Canyon. Microscopic cuts and nicks to the skin will appear and you'll want a lotion that will help to alleviate any possible inflammation or dryness caused by the breakage of skin. Razor Remedy targets the areas after your shave to sooth the skin and provide relief to your skin. It actively prevents in-grown hairs and treats any pain from the aftermath of shaving. It leaves you with a non-sticky finish and allows your face to promote its natural healing abilities in peace. Liquorice and Calendula sooth and provide pure comfort, which gives you the day to focus on you and not your skin.

Icy Cool Eye Rescue Formula - (30ml)

Combats fine lines and wrinkles and actively targets the thinnest layer on your face, just under the eyes. This formula is enriched with botanical extracts to strengthen capillaries, tackle dark circles and bags and create a tightening and firming effect to your skin. It is quick absorbing and lightweight, to provide quick application and delivery instantaneous results right of the bat. It is a patented formula which has been hand crafted especially for men's skin, which is much tougher and thicker and often more difficult to work through. This eye contour, lifting gel melts into your skin and its Ruscus Root extract stimulates your skin to bounce back to youth. Quinoa Seed, Carnitine and Caffeine energised and revitalise the skin to give you a fresh and nourished glow.

Power Wash Cleansing Gel - (120ml)

A premium formula by MMUKman which is enriched with Vitamins A, C and E to punch back some goodness into your skin. It boosts the skins overall performance and the extra essential fatty acids, stimulate your skin cells. Apply to a damp face and massage gently to remove dirt and impurities and any build ups left on top and deep within your skin. This formula helps to regenerate (and the process of) skin cells. Fight fatigued and recharged your face, leaving it firmer, cleaner and blemish free. Helping to the disposal of dead skin cells, allows newer cells underneath to form and emerge, giving your brighter looking skin and a healthier complexation.

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