MMUK MAN The Mega Kick Start Grooming Set

MMUK MAN The Mega Kick Start Grooming Set

MMUK MAN Silver Fox Set

MMUK MAN The Silver Fox Set

MMUK MAN The Barber Shop Collection

Quality Men’s Grooming Set
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A barber shop quality kit, assembled to give you quick and sharp look results. Inside you'll find 5 key pieces to maximise your grooming routine. Get the barber shop finish with MMUKman's hand selected products:

Aftershave Cooling Tonic - (120ml)

Created with botanical extracts instead of alcohols, to help naturally utilise your skins conditioning after shaving. This beautiful tonic is gentle, but a powerhouse at firming and clarifying your face after shaving. It's actives, selectively tone your face and provide a safeguard and set the skin correctly, banishing blemishes and balancing the skins pH. The formula soothes your skin and allows for better healing and protection. Inside you'll find naturally derived, Aloe Vera, Barley, Witch Hazel and Eucalyptus plant extracts which provide positive benefits to the skin and fight against aggressors.

Liquid Shave Lather - (120ml)

A liquid to rich lathering formula that prolongs hydration to the skin and allows for closer, precise shaving. It has an enriching 'Triple Cushion Technology' that allows for the formula to navigate through all 3 layers of the skin. Unlike cheaper varieties that just provide protective nourishment to just the top, visible layer of the skin. MMUKman's engineered formula with Shea Butter, Chamomile and Calendula extracts sooth and nurture your skin, lifting the hairs naturally away from your face to give you effortless shaving. The solution has an uplifting scent and provides considerable amounts of hydration and moisturised protection to last all day. Comfort and precision were the goals set out and achieved by MMUKman and their brilliant skincare experts.

Styling Beard Quenching Balm - (120ml)

The ultimate conditioning experience to give your beard a totally 'locked in' protection from moisture loss. Their supports both the facial hair and skin underneath which is often neglected in a grooming routine. Nourishing the skin has selected benefits for your hair, allowing for stronger and better growth and length. The lightweight balm gives shine free style and weightless definition. Shea Butter and Jojaba Oil are used to enrich this thirst quenching Balm.

Triple Mission Face Moisturiser - (30ml)

Suitable for everyday use and providing you long lasting hydration throughout the day. This brilliant formula can be used with normal to combination skins. Lightweight in consistency and quick absorbing, this formula is packed full of rich vitamins and antioxidants, to support a healthier complexation. Containing Squalene, Jojaba Oil, Apricot Oil and Hyaluronic Acid, which aid in balancing out the moisture in your skin. Non greasy and leaving no residue as it melts into your skin, this little miracle wonders might just the next best thing in your bathroom cupboard.

Classic Beard Oil - (30ml)

For beards across the nation is MMUKman's super potent and deeply nourishing facial beard oil. A take on the classic but infused with more natural oils than we are going to list. Rich in many oil consistencies to make sure that your beard is utterly nourished and super protected at moisture loss. Overtime your beard will become softer and less wiry packed full of antioxidants that support your skin underneath also to help you produce stronger and longer hairs on your face. To apply warm some drops in between your palms and work straight into a dry beard massage and gently pull along the hair until fully covered. You shall be protected from the root of your hair follicle to the tip and the skin underneath will also aid in this protection. Inside this magical little bottle, you will find a huge blend of naturally derived oils. Argan, Olive, Jojoba Seed, Avocado, Safflower, Linseed, Coconut and Matricana, are among some of the oils listed in this brilliant formula. A beard that is protected with natural oils will disperse any itchiness, or irritation caused from hair that is lacking in moisture.

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