MMUK MAN Complete Coverage Christmas Kit

MMUK MAN Complete Coverage Christmas Kit

MMUK MAN The Marvellous Beard Box

MMUK MAN The Marvellous Beard Box

MMUK MAN The Perfect Shave Kit

Luxury Men’s Shaving Set
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This hand selected kit is chosen by our experts. Who's knowledge have shown us how to achieve the 'perfect shave' and what products allow you this result. Your kit comes together neatly and includes 4 premium items:

Liquid Shave Lather - (120ml)

With its patented formula and engineering. MMUKman have developed a shaving cream for the modern day gentlemen. A liquid to rich and deep foaming lather allow for total coverage and effortless precision. Your blade will glide over the area with such ease and elegance, giving you an impeccably sharp and close shave. Inspired by original and classic styles of shaving creams, but formulated to help lift hairs up and outwards away from your face. Your skin is left enriched and protected, allowing for total comfort after grooming. It reduces the post-shave aftermath and aids against razor burns, irritations, nicks and cuts. Providing you with its 'Triple Cushion Technology', which helps get the formula into and through your skin, providing deeper nourishment and moisturising properties. Enriched inside you'll find a host of botanical extracts, Chamomile, Shea Butter and Calendula. These work together with your skin with their healing, soothing and calming properties, whilst locking in moisture with their safeguard style of protection. Any inflammation will be halted from occurring or spreading, from the blade of your razor. It's uplifting scent boosts your mood and helps you to relax from within. A beautifully created formula with comfort and precision taken into consideration, for the many different types of men that use this solution. Lather your skin for the most luxurious and velvet soft shave, truly possible. You'd be a fool not to with this premium formula by MMUKman.

Aftershave Cooling Tonic - (120ml)

Powerfully created using a selected handful of botanical ingredients, this gentle, but powerful cooling tonic will utilise your skin into perfection. Unlike anything you'd find along a high street store. Its nature is using nature, to help promote and aid your skin. Unlike cheaper tonics that often use varying alcohols to set your face. These however lead to delayed irritation and discomfort on your skin. MMUKman have chosen the ingredients because of their powerful and quality properties. Inside you'll find an infusion of Aloe Vera, Barley, Eucalyptus and Witch Hazel extracts. To provide your skin with antibacterial, reduced inflammation, healing and soothing benefits. You'll feel on your skin instantly the sensation of clarity, fresh and toned skin and you'll be set to then protect further with a daily moisturiser.

Razor Remedy - (120ml)

Grooming and maintaining your beard can often a daily chore for some of us and it shouldn't leave you feeling glum. It would be wise to add MMUKman's Razor Remedy to your morning grooming routine, to provide your skin with better results after shaving. By preventing ingrown hairs, razor burn and bumps, its luxury, lightweight formula actively treats and heals any affected epidermis. Containing soothing Calendula and Liquorice extract to provide pure comfort and relief from shaving. Alongside these, the formula contains Acetylsalicylic Acid. This provides some gentle medicated relief from pain or inflammation caused by shaving also. You'll feel refreshed too with its Lemon Peel extract, that awakens and revitalises your skin with its vitamin concentrates. The formula is non-sticky and leaves your skin feeling soft to the touch, without any residue on the skins surface.

Styling Beard Quenching Balm - (120ml)

Treat your beard to some ultimate conditioning with this rich, quenching balm. Infused with Shea Butter and Jojaba Oil to provide 'locked in' protection from moisture loss. This balm quenches your beard down through until the skin where you hair follicles are located. It will provide hydration to the area underneath your beard, often neglected. This will help it from drying out or flaking, causing itchiness and discomfort. This in turn allows your hair to grow stronger and longer when its base is supported and maintained well. The lightweight formula is quick absorbing and helps to soften the hair right down to the root. It will give you definition and allow for a delicate and shine free hold. With weightless definition and super hydration to your hair and skin, you will have coverage all day long against natural aggressors. This balm is brilliant at quenching a thirsty beard and prolonging a conditioned and nourished one too. It allows you to focus on your day without the worry of any midday irritation caused from your face. MMUKman have created this beautiful solution, to help the modern day gent with his day and give him the best and most effortless grooming experience.

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