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Nickel Skin Perfecting Foundation

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Universal Colour Match Male Foundation

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Nickel's Skin Perfecting Men's Foundation is perfectly designed for men who struggle with finding the right colour of cosmetics. This universally toned complexion enhancer offers all the same qualities as a good foundation for men, whilst seriously benefiting your skin's health also. This tinted cream should be applied in circular motions to each section of the face, making sure it's applied to every corner of the skin.

Immediately enhance your appearance and perfect your skin, leaving it even, fresh and clear with a quick and easy application. Blur imperfections and resize pores with this powerful men's cosmetic product, developed in the world famous Nickel London Spa For Men.

Remove all the hassle in choosing the right colour of male foundation and give your skin a serious upgrade. Blanket your face with natural coverage also, whilst minimising the appearance of common skin perfections. Combine with a good quality men’s concealer to target those more defined imperfections for a more glowing and blemish free appearance.

Size - 30ml