Fake Don't Bake Men's Fake Tan

Fake Don't Bake Mens Fake Tan

W7 Male Polish

W7 Male Polish

W7 Tinted Mens Moisturiser

Nourishing Cover Up Makeup For Men
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Bridge the gap between general male grooming and makeup for men with this great value mens tinted moisturiser from male brand w7. A hydrating and nourishing moisturising complex targets dry, flakey and damaged skin to give it maximum comfort and care. A natural and healthy glow is only the beginning of what this male expert cosmetic product offers: Tinted extracts hide imperfections outstandingly and with complete ease. Apply in the same way you would a mens moisturiser by rubbing in thoroughly to all areas of your face. Subtly and gently reverse the five signs of ageing and cover up spots, acne and redness amongst others with a flawless and masculine finish. Mens skin tends to be more oilier than our sexual counterparts and despite being a thorough moisturiser this tinted moisturiser is extremely lightweight meaning with 30 seconds your skin is more supple and your pores will remain unclogged. You will be left with a light, fresh and clear complexion within seconds and will wonder how you ever lived without such a great value mens tinted moisturiser.

Size - 23ml

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