For some time now MMUK MAN have offered some of the best brands in the makeup for men industry.  With the likes of Calvin Klein, YSL and Taxi Man already available at our online shop, up until now, we thought we had all bases covered.  However, with men’s makeup use firmly on the rise, and whilst some would say stealing more and more of the beauty industry’s limelight, one brand has been exclusively launched to meet the needs of a very select niche of gentlemen.  


4Voo Men’s Cosmetics offers 6 makeup for men specific products, which are sure to hook in our exclusive cliental.  Showcasing a superb concealer for men and a wonderful anti-shine powder, whilst the cover up possibilities are endless with 4Voo, subtlety and natural finishes remain truly paramount too.


The next two men’s makeup products available from 4Voo focus on the eye region of men’s faces.  With a luxury brow and lash styling glaze and naturally enhancing eyeliner for men, no more will resuscitating lifeless eyes or controlling moody brows be a problem.


Finalizing the product launch exclusively at male makeup retailer MMUK MAN are two products focusing on giving your complexion back some much needed colour and confidence, this time coming in the form of a bronzer for men and male tinted moisturiser.


4Voo_CosmeticsOriginating in Canada, 4Voo set their stall out by catering predominantly for male celebrities in their bid to look red carpet ready day in, day out.  With celebrity testimonials from the likes of Brad Pitt and George Clooney, 4Voo’s sheer excellence and professionalism wonderfully shine through when it comes to allowing exclusive men make the maximum impact.


Now available to the mass market and very popular amongst city workers, executives and professional gentlemen alike, allow 4Voo to fake your complexion to a whole new level when it comes to cheating those Monday morning blues.


Retailing in the £28 to £35 price range, 4Voo certainly come with some huge expectations.  It is through month’s of trials and tests during formulation, along with some very strict judging eyes in house at MMUK MAN, we can comfortably say that if you are looking for the elite, you are certainly looking at the right range.


Designed to last gentlemen months, each individual product has been created to target a series of specific skin complaints.  So, when it’s time to fend off unwanted blemishes, paleness, spots or wrinkles, truly allow 4Voo men’s cosmetics to come shining through.  Exclusivity you deserve, goes on sale 20th August.