I was fortunate enough this week to get to try 4VOO’s Silk Enriched Shine Reduction Powder for the very first time, and gentlemen, I’m so glad I was. I’ve always had mixed results with men’s anti shine powders in the past, only really finding that MMUK MAN’s Invisible Blotting Powder and MYEGO’s Matifiant Powder really did anything. I have light to medium skin, which does tend to get oily throughout my day, especially if I’ve been on the go and if I’m wearing other makeup products, it can sometimes explode.

The first thing I loved about 4VOO’s anti shine powder is its size and great packaging. It quite simply looks the part and even comes with a little mirror and pad, that can be washed, perfect for applying this powder in a hurry. After reading the ingredients list of this compact, it’s pretty clear to see that 4VOO have pulled out all the stops in the skin care stakes, to make sure before anything else, my skin is being looked after. I found that the invisible powder is a great way to hide shine, without having to worry about finding the right male cosmetic colour for my skin. I think this is one of the most powerful draws of this shine reduction powder – it can suit any man’s skin and more importantly, is worn undetectable, due to its invisible shade.

The feeling my skin is left with after application is only comparable to that of velvet. It’s so smooth and so supple, not just in its feel, but in its appearance too. Best of all, it does exactly what it says on the box. Where my face would gradually get shiny throughout the day, I no longer have to worry, with a simple morning application giving enough protection against oily eruptions all day long. Needing only a little to blot out shine, men thinking of using 4Voo’s powder will quickly come to realize that they are onto a winner with this product’s long lasting nature and durability. I’d expect one compact to last over three months with daily use, making it a very worthwhile and valued investment for any man, looking to shake up his cosmetic routine.

From great packaging to durable materials, this doesn’t look out of place on my bathroom shelf and with my experiences so far with this product, I cannot wait to try the rest of the 4VOO men’s cosmetics range in the coming months. I can also see why some of the world’s biggest male celebs turn to the power of 4VOO and if I can get my grooming game, somewhere in the same ball park as George Clooney and Brad Pitt, well, that’s a massive thumbs up from me.

A completely luxurious product that looks and feels fantastic. Will I be using this product again? ABSOLUTELY!